Hoggies & earlybirds on my garden trailcam!


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Hoggies & earlybirds on my garden trailcam!

  • lovely updates Wendy, was sorry to hear about Ned's early days - you can't believe what some people are capable of :(     but he's doing well now although he'll be a bit miffed he can't eat the Hoggies food any more lol

  • Naughty Ned, gettng into the Hoggies food! At least he only had a little to eat, so we will allow him that!

  • Love the new approach tunnel to deter Ned!

  • Tunnel deterrent still working

    New view caught TWO Hoggies albeit very briefly


  • Good to see the two Hoggies Wendy, and the cat that looked a little wary!  

  • Was the cat's reaction that alerted me to the fact that Hoggie was around down there Gaynor!

    ITM, great to see female Chaffinch, only get them during Autumn & Winter ... Collared Dove is one of a family of five (adult pair plus three youngsters) which have been visiting for past week but so jumpy that it's difficult to get pics!


  • Did get some close-up action from Hoggie on half-moon bed overnight, comes out quite early & I had forgotten to put Spike's food down when I set up cam ... position wasn't good enough to cover shed feeding station too ... back to the drawing board!!


  • WendyBartter

    Someone deliberately damaged his tail when he was a year old by swinging him round & round whilst holding on to it ... wicked kids were suspected but nothing ever proved!  The break was so far up his back he was fortunate not to be left doubly incontinent ... now he's 18!!

    Oh no!

    He does brilliantly well considering, and to reach 18 is good going by all standards.

  • Those biscuits are making hedgie thirsty, great to see the eating and drinking, really clear video Wendy.    The female Chaffie too is good to see, the Dunnock looked a little jealous when looking over at her.

  • They do enjoy their drinks of water Gaynor ... went out today to Monkton NR Heritage Open Day, was greatly enjoyable & such lovely weather, so I have only just got around to checking & editing overnight footage ... there was so much of it too so just a compilation of the best different bits although there was one Hoggie in each of the 53 x 30s clips! Gulp


  • Changed all batteries now!!


  • Hedgies are supposed to be good climbers Wendy, but that one of yours showed there has to be a learning curve:-).   Maybe you have Mum and youngster still together, they seem to be happy together, both well fed now and loving your garden.

  • Have made him a graduated step now Gaynor ... like you do! Lol

  • Best bits were seeing one use the new steps & seeing two together quite often with a good comparison in size ...


  • Good to see the step being used so easily, and then the two of the hoggies eating fairly happily together, I noticed a slight hesitation between them while they sussed each other out maybe, but they are doing so well size wise.   Still not seen any sign of them here worse luck.