Robins for MC


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Robins for MC

  • Just a sequence from one of the pairs of Robins on my patch

  • Beautiful. If I had to give the last pic a caption it would be:

    "Are you sure this is only 50 calories?"

  • You could be right there Paul, this is one of probably half a dozen pairs on my patch either courtship feeding or taking food back to the nest.

  • All that squeaking and wing flapping and she just holds it in her beak! Mrs HTR is like a mini waste disposal unit. The wax worms just disappear immediately. Did you notice if she made a 'hissing' sound as she took the food?

  • No I didn't hear anything like that, but will have a listen if they meet me in the morning.

  • Such good captures D, a pleasure to share!

  • great set of pics, never see any of this kind of behaviour with them in our garden, think we have a front gdn pair and a back gdn pair.

  • A few from this morning

  • Aw that is lovely Alan, lovely pictures by the way, thanks for sharing.

  • Really really good alan l bow before you, you must have been clicking like a mad person to get those shots, great take care Yas

  • stunning photo captures Alan, terrific stuff

  • Absolutely gorgeous Alan, brings a tear to the eye.

  • What a fab series of pics, reminds me must get my wife some chocolates.

  • Very delicate. Lovely.

  • There's me stuck indoors and everyone is posting fantastic shots :( :(    Wonderful series Alan, well done.