Mostly Moths 2017


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Mostly Moths 2017

  • Set up for tonight & just switched on my new 20W energy saving Blacklight bulb in laundry basket just outside front door with lead through cat door & plugged into mains!  Wonder if I'll get anything?  Gone a bit cool out there brrrrrrrr!

  • well done Wendy, fingers crossed. I've put one out with 15W Blacklight so we'll have to compare notes tomorrow! It's about 12°C here now & dark in half an hour. Forecast for 1°C for the morning though.

  • 7° here but maintaining 5° or 6° through the night with light south westerlies!  Good luck H!

  • Not too bad, it got down to 3°C & was very dewy this morning. I had 11 moths of 6 species, but not a lot different.

  • Ooooh!  Look forward to seeing your pics H!

    My photoshoot was nonexistent, even my lone mozzie didn't hang about to have his picture tooked!! Grrrr, was chilly & foggy!

  • Twas foggy here too, & I was too lazy to take piccies, sorry! Nothing different to the last few days.

  • OK, let you off this time!!! Lol

  • New one yesterday morning, a Small Eggar

    It would have been hot off the press but my 6 month old hard disc died & had a new one under garantee. It still cost me 70 euros to have all my stuff transfered though! Funny old guarantee!! Nice to get this moth though, there were a few others but haven't sorted them yet!

  • It's a beauty H!  Got some pics from the other night not sorted yet (blame Peregrines & Mr K) but my latest acquisition is LBAM larva currently pupating in a piece of kitchen towel in a box on my dining table (where else? Lol)

  • Least Black Arches larva? Looking forward to your photos Wendy, must look & see what Mr K has been up to!

  • Sorry H!  Light Brown Apple Moth (not posted latest Mr K yet but will do soon!)

  • They are arriving thick & fast now! Last night & this morning I had 23 moths of 9 species. new ones this year being :

    A Garden Carpet

    Several Clouded Drab

    & Twin-spotted Quaker

    I'm back off to the reserve tonight for another attempt at a trap, the last one got rained off!

  • Good stuff to start us off H, nowt here as too windy/wet/chilly but ... LBAM now a chrysalis with a jettisoned head!!! Lol  It's sooo tiny!  Pics soon

  • Ron mentioned you have gales & snow coming! Good news on the tiddler, was it a caterpillar you found, I can't remember?

  • Finally sorted ...

    Unknown Moth from house

    From Moth trap

    This larva subsequently wrapped itself in fold of Mothing sheet

    Sent a pic to this guy ...

    Steve Ogden

    Attachments21 Feb (5 days ago)
    to me
    Hi Wendy
    I would think it's a larva of one of the micro moths - possibly a Tortrix species. Difficult to be sure as many have to be reared through to be sure.
    One found in all months is The Light Brown Apple moth - Epiphyas postvittana. These have some tiny black spots (stemmata) to the side of the mouth which can help with identification. Yours may have these but are out of sight.
    Caterpillar images attached.
    Very easy to rear if you wish to confirm identity.
    So I popped larva into aerated box & it immediately wrapped itself in kitchen towel & never came out to eat any more ... last night I found this
    So we'll wait & see ... so tiny only 10 ml !