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Mainly Mammals

  • Hi all. I got a few shots of some Roe Deer when I was out and about today so I wondered if it would be worth starting a thread for Mammals? I'll add the Deer shots along with a few older shots and if anyone else feels like posting their Mammal photos here then please free to do so. :-)

    Roe Deer at Aberlady today.

    A few older shots now.

    A small bwown Wabbit.

    An even smaller bwack Wabbit.

    And a few Bottlenose Dolphins

  • What a lovely idea Paul, love the wabbit snaps, vey cute.

  • Wonderful shots Paul,  love the "funny wabbits" and the roe deer with its head poking up out of the long grass and the dolphins !    that sea looks beautifully blue and clear.

  • Great idea for a thread Paul with some fabulous photos to start it off. I'd love to see Dolphins, however we've got plenty of "white horses" out on the river at the moment!!

  • I found some old pics to add but it was before I knew how to use a camera lol  and when we lived in Australia ! ...........

  • Stunning photos Paul-I love the Deer photo in the long grass and the Black rabbit is adorable!

    Hazel-great to see some of your Australia photos-does the Koala have a youngster in the photo? You never told us Mike was a Croc tamer,lol


  • Lovely additions Hazel, most of which I wouldn't want to mess with.!! I love the wee Sparrow hiding in the last shot. :-)

  • Great idea for a thread, Paul. Love your Roe Deer, Wabbits and Dolphins.

    This is from quite a few years ago but one I always treasure: mum and Bambi on my local patch.

    A Coypu from the Camargue

    And a more recent one from Slimbridge just before Christmas. An  American Otter - captive- but just as adorable. I was allowed inside the pen.

    Hazel, I hesitate to mention this but Crocs and Sharks are not actually mammals but who cares. ROFL.

  • TeeJay
    I hesitate to mention this but Crocs and Sharks are not actually mammals but who cares. ROFL.

         lol Tony,  I just added anything which wasn't a bird  !!     although as Paul says, the sparrow happened to photo-bomb the last shot  !  @ Jayne, I haven't a clue  lol   it was taken so long ago.

  • Just around the corner we have "Badger" lane,

    Somebody obviously goes around from time to time & shovels up the soil from the road so the cars can get past!

    Afew Red deer in the distance

    & a familly group of wild boar on the local salt marshes, looking as happy as "A pig in s**t"

    Bless their little cotton socks, even if they do dig up the crops & footpaths!

  • Great shots everyone, and good idea Paul, just love the roe deer in the long grass, beautiful photo.   Will have to look through my album in case I have any to put up.

  • Lovely shots Tony, the Mother/Bambi shot especially is just wonderful.

    Crocs and Sharks are not actually mammals but who cares. ROFL

    It does say "Mainly" Mammals, and no-ones counting anyway.!! :-)

    I can’t remember if I’ve told this story before but I’ll tell it again anyway. A number of years ago Mrs A and myself were sitting having a sandwich on the bank of a local burn when we noticed a Weasel coming along towards us with what looked like a Mouse or a Vole in its jaws. It almost came right up to us before it realised we were sitting there. Once it had seen us, it shot under a nearby Gorse bush where it spent a good minute or so poking its head in and out of the bush watching us. It then shot back out of the bush (without its dinner) and swam the ten foot or so to the other side of the wee burn where it shot up the far bank and disappeared into the long grass. Again, it spent a bit of time poking its head up and down on the far shore watching us. I don’t claim to know the thought processes of Weasels, but I suspect it must have decided that we weren’t a threat to it, so rather than losing out on its hard earned meal, it decided to swim back over to our side of the burn where it then retrieved the Mouse/Vole from where it had stashed it under the Gorse bush. It then plunged straight back in and swam back over to the other side with its prey firmly in its jaws. It got back out on the other side and was last seen disappearing into the long grass on the far bank. :-)

    The photos are really terrible as (I think) I’d only had first ever 35mmm SLR for a few weeks, but here they are anyway.

    Weasel….(oh yes it is.!!)….swimming back to retrieve its dinner.

    Swimming back (for the 3rd time) with dinner firmly gripped its jaws.!!


  • Lovely shots Hazel, I've yet to see a Boar in the wild.

  • Your story of the Weasel is great Paul so I'll tell you mine & the Wild Boar. It was about 16 years ago & we were renoavating our old B&B & I heard the neighbours dogs barking. I went out into the courtyard of our house to see who was there & came face to face with a huge Wild Boar. I happened to have a spirit level in my hand (as one does) & it took one look at me & turned & ran. It tried to barge through the neighbours fence & then disappeared off into the vines via his garden. I don't suppose anyone would have believed me except that it left very deep prints in our flower bed (identified later) & our neighbours destroyed fence. It was apparantly being hunted in the local vines, so I was very lucky it didn't charge at me & give me a nasty poke with it's horn!

  • Wow some good stories there folk, I'd love to see a Weasel carrying it's prey and then watching you and your wife closely Paul, and your story Hazel is a little worrying, coming face to face with a wild boar and living to tell the tale, pretty exciting stuff.