Sheffield Round walk.


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Sheffield Round walk.

  • Been a few years since I did this walk around the South West of Sheffield. Cold day to do it yesterday but saw some wonderful wildlife and nature in general. Shame about the quality of the king fisher although I did see it catching fish which was fantastic (just couldn't get the focus right).

  • You did well to get those photos Bob with the weather are having here,well done on getting the Kingfisher, where was the Stag?

  • Thanks Alan... a nice 15 mile walk to clear the lungs. The king fisher was unexpected but I enjoyed watching it. I think the lack of light made it hard to focus as well as my lack of experience with the camera. The stag was in the grounds of Beauchief Hall. Just shows you don't have to go all the way to Chatsworth to see them.

  • Thanks for that Bob it looks a cracking area, my next trip out that neck of the woods could be there.

  • Some of the walk surroundings..

  • Wonderful photos and thread Bob,   the snowy scenery looks beautiful although must have felt bitterly cold on your long hike of 15 miles !   well done and for spotting and photographing such fantastic species.  

  • And some more pics from the walk which are more domesticated.. before you get more out in to the wilds...

  • Lovely additions Bob I think you've made my mind up for me.

  • It's a great walk Alan. Once you get to Ringinlow (the sheep photo) you can branch off and go to Stanage edge and back through Wyming Brook and Rivelin Valley. Stanage edge is pretty spectacular... superb views if you google it. That makes the walk around 25 miles (I've done it once).

  • I've done Stanage edge from Hathersage Bob and as you say it's a superb view, I've just been looking on google maps do you know if there are walks in the wood opposite the station where the miniature railway is?

  • I think you mean Ecclesall woods (the Goldcrest) see one of my quick snaps below for some info. There are lots of walks and paths in there but I would also recommend when you are at the top crossing into Whirlow Park (the king fisher). Whirlow takes you up to Ringinglow and it starts to feel more like the countryside. Whirlow has lots of paths I've never been on. Beauchief and the deer are across the road at the bottom and back up on the hills the other side. Up Twentwell lane and then cut into the woods 50 yards or so up on the left.

  • Yep I saw Twentwell lane on the maps and that road up towards the Abbey etc, I think that would be the way I would go up there from the station...thanks for the info Bob.

  • If you drive (I dont) and want to take in Ecclesall and Whirlow Id recommend parking up at Fox House and catch the bus back to Sheffield which stops near the miniature train track at the bottom of Ecclesall woods. You can then find your way up there, across into Whirlow (take a decent picture of my kingfisher), continue to the top and then turn left over the moors back to Fox house.

  • I've just found a couple of websites for the Beauchief area and it says you may see Kingfishers on the ponds there.

    I think my first visit will be to the Abbey/hall area taking in Ecclesall Woods.

  • Good choice. I think I'd explore Ecclesall woods and Beauchief/Lady Spring Wood. It is more suburban and less wilderness but I'm sure they both hold some treats. The goldcrests in Ecclesall were super close but like lightening. I had to guess where they would land and focus on there :) Lady Spring woods (if you go there) is an odd wood, the deer are at the top of it.