Videos anyone?


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
All creatures....

Videos anyone?

  • After talking to Gaynor yesterday about her camera being able to take video I thought I would start this thread in case anyone else takes videos.

    I took this one this morning.

    feel free to add yours.

  • Superb capture of a beautiful bird D, thanks for sharing!

  • Great idea for a thread Alan and what a bonus to start it, glad you caught up with Lady K this morning;  I'm now waiting eagerly for the video of the Weasel next time you see it   lol

  • LOL I saw it this morning Hazel but he was too quick and too close for a video..Mart has just put a KF video on flickr and just asked him if he's got it on youtube.

  • Lol,  now I'm really jealous saying the Weasel was too close for a video !!!      

    Re:  Mart's video,    cheers Alan, I'll take a look shortly.

  • Lovely video of Mrs K, Alan. Shows how light she is perching on that flimsy reed. I also like the way she keeps her head still even though her body is moving a bit in the wind.

    I ought to do more videos but I'd have to take a tripod out with me as I can't hold the camera steady enough otherwise.

    I would love to see the Weasel if you get the chance.

  • Not been doing so many myself & didn't feel I had enough for new thread so am pleased you opened this one D!  

    This from 16th Feb

    This one even older 24th Jan & so short I had to slo-mo it

    This one shows how the Spadgers congregate in the quarry scrub on a sunny day

  • Lovely videos Wendy I especially like the Sparrows, it's like that in my garden and the sound of them chattering is amazing.

    I should count them all for when Hazel views it.

  • Ain't got no time for dat!!!  aitch will have to do it for herself! Lol

  • Hey !  I heard that  lol     I'm sure you wouldn't miss a few of those gorgeous spadgers !   my garden doesn't seem right without those chirpy characters.    I'll pay postage and the bubble wrap required lol

  • I think I may have posted this before but he's such a handsome chap that I don't suppose it'll do any harm to see him again. Taken from the upstairs window of the house.

  • Love 'em all!!  What I want to know is how on earth do you all keep the video so still, OK I know you are using a tripod, but even trying it out in the kitchen I find I'm all over the place when the birds move trying to keep up with them, or maybe I should just fix on one and hope it stays put for a while!!   Anyway going back to my chat with Alan yesterday I went out today with the dogs and sussed out the tree trunk I think might hold a mouse or such, and there is a lovely hideaway just about two yards away that I might be able to tuck myself behind and practice a video anyway.   Just hope I don't scare anyone else dog walking - or even the kids absconding from the local school:-)

  • HAZY
    Lol,  now I'm really jealous saying the Weasel was too close for a video !!!      

    This is what I was on about Hazel...these clips are taken at 100mm and 6ft away.

  • Speedy little fella, so well done on capturing him. You ought to treat him to a tin of cat food to makes sure he doesn't get too addicted to carbs.

  • I might try him with a bit of dog food Wednesday, it may encourage him to stay and eat it.

    I'll google to see if it's ok for them.