Couldn't not go out yesterday, even though we've lots of sun already in the week. I know I got the Reed Warbler shots I really wanted last time, but it didn't stop me having another look and catching this one on the lookout for insects.

The Whitethroat was still putting on lovely display, too.

Surprisingly and rarely for me, I actually had the camera on in-flight settings when a Buzzard flew over.

I have to say it's a rather worn looking Buzzard with those gaps in the wings and tatty tail feathers but it was still lovely to see, effortlessly gliding around in the sunny thermals.

The Swans had a major strop on with the Canada's, probably because the latter don't normally venture onto the reserve. I don't think I'd argue with this swaggering bully either.

The reason so many Canada's have moved off the main lake was soon obvious.

Until next time...