It's been a long 7 years wait but.2017/18.


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It's been a long 7 years wait but.2017/18.

  • Tuesday morning my dream spot finally turned up after 7 years of wanting to see one on my patch.

    I first saw a flash of a white bird early Tuesday morning as it was just getting light, I then saw it again Thursday morning again just as it was getting light.

    With a lot of wishful thinking I knew what I wanted it to be but didn't dare hope.

    It was only until yesterday morning my 7 year wait came to an end with confirmation photos.

    A first for my patch...record shots with camera settings at the max but boy am I chuffed.

    after seeing the Bittern a few weeks ago it's been a memorable 2017 for me on my patch.

  • If it's been around for a few days, let's hope it stays for a while longer. I've not seen one since my patch changed from out in the sticks to city. I must make the effort to go and find one - but I think I'll have to look in the evening ... unlike you (very) early birds!

  • Wow D, so pleased for you ... have a pair nesting at Monkton NR, three years now & one of the joys of Moth nights is to see  graceful white wings against the night sky!

    Downside is that no young fledged this year, predated!

  • How lovely for you Alan, we hear them a lot but the best time to see them for us is out late at night perched on posts by the side of the road. Unfortunately huge numbers die on the roads each year because they fly out in front of vehicles. Keep yours safe Alan!

  • Either the 1st or 100th these are fantastic birds to see they move so beautifully when hunting it looks effortless. We have been lucky enough to get daytime views recently when they were feeding young,cheers even the dullest of days up.

  • Delighted you have found a favourite Alan, especially after the Bittern, I hear Owls in the trees just down the road and have on occasion on coming home from town have seen the flash of white wings, they are so quick to fly up out or over the field and car and away, must be more vigilant!

  • Chuffed to bits for you Alan. A fabulous bird at the best of times but to get one on your own patch is fabulous.

  • Very nice

  • Your excitement shows Alan, don't quite know how you held the camera still for those shots - thrilled for you.

  • Thanks everyone, one week on and it's still here, and still a thrill to see it nearly every morning.

    From this morning, still bad photos but it's the subject matter that counts lol.

  • Fabulous 'bad' pics D ... I'd love mine to look like that!

  • I'm glad it's still around for you. It wouldn't be as much fun if you got the perfect photo first time, would it? Now you have the perfect excuse to keep trying!!

  • Beautiful.

  • Fabulous Alan.   Are you sleeping in your armchair now!!?

  • Well like London Buses they all come at once, we now have two on my patch.

    more record shots

    and an uncropped shot