Visit to see an old friend


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Visit to see an old friend

  • Sunny warm morning so decided to take a break from deciding on suitable wardrobe and packing of suitcase for London and instead head off for some fresh air and to find our old pal  Riverside Robin;       after parking the car near Carey Park, Northwich,  we followed the River Weaver and crossed Carden's Ferry Bridge to the other side and Witton Brook.   En-route three buzzards soared overhead,  we could hear "yaffling" twice from a Green Woodpecker out of view and then in flight and flocks of LTT's were chirruping away to one another in constant communication as they foraged from tree to tree.     Goldcrests were flitting  in amongst the trees and bushes and apart from glimpses of them I couldn't get a single photo.  

       We arrived at RR's territory and after three calls of "Robbie"  he appeared as if from nowhere !!    We don't see him very often these days and months and months can go by but the old fellow (about 4 years old)  never disappoints us;     he isn't used to hand feeding anymore because of our rare visits but is happy to perch on the wooden rail or twig right in front and have mealies strewn on the ground for him.      We saw him about a month ago and he looked very tatty as he was still very much in mid-moult but happily today we saw his new winter coat and sleek feathers so here's the little fellow ...............

    "I think I know these two people heading my way,  I'll just keep a watch in case they have brought me some nibbles" ......

    "I hear my name "Robbie" called out  .............  it must be them "        ..............

    "Oh,  are those mealies down there "  ??    

    "Thanks Mrs Hazy  and Mr Mikey "

    "See my new feathers"   .................    "I'm dressed to impress "        

    "This is my best side "  

    "Ok,  I'll face front " ..................... Aaa....ten...shun       

    " Now I have to go back to my tree and twarble "  !!       got to do my scales practice  ;)     "Doe .... Ray .... ME ....FAR .....SO ...... LATTE .....DOUGH  !!   which reminds me Mrs,    "can you bring some pastry as well next time "  ??   

    He's a cute little robin, always friendly and still appears to come to the call     lol 

    and a couple of long distance shots of the Buzzards   (300mm without extender)  on the 5DmkIII  

    Uncropped first to show how far away it was .........

    and the one thing I truly love about the 300mm and 5D  is the fact you can crop the pics to death and still maintain most of the detail ...

    (Cropped version)      same photo   !!! 

    and a barge on the River Weaver ..........

    not sure the navigator could see where he was going with the bright sun in his eyes  !!

  • Superb aitch, what a cute Robin he is!

  • Thanks Wendy,  we certainly have a soft spot for this delightful little character.    btw,  it's ok, you can call me "witch"  I saw your first post  lol !!!    

  • Not me aitch ... It's that very disrespectful Google wot calls you witch ... gets away with it too if I'm not super diligent! Lol

  • Ha ha Wendy, at least you are not flagging someone all the time like me!!! and my cursor is nowhere near I promise you.

    Hazy it is good to see RR again and coming so close for the mealies makes you wonder how much they can remember.   Your cropped pics of the buzzards are just terrific, I don't think I have ever seen such clear close ups of the underside before.

  • Another lovely collection, Hazel--thanks!  Great to see Riverside Robin again and that gorgeous Buzzard with that pale undercarriage.  As I am no expert, how do you tell if it is the same Robin as 4 years ago?!  Especially if it is true that the average lifespan of Robins is 2 years (or is that no longer thought to be the case?)

  • Lovely to catch up with RR again, love the captions, witty as ever!

  • Good to see the little guy is still holding his territory. He's got a good supply of insects by the river but he clearly enjoys his mealies.

  • Many thanks everyone, it was a lovely morning with plenty of sunshine and it was really nice to catch up with friendly RR again.

    how do you tell if it is the same Robin as 4 years ago?

      good question Ann, I guess it comes down to exact same area we find him (by the Hemlock sign  lol ),   the way he comes to the same wooden rail after we call and a general gut feeling I suppose.    

    I've now got to turn the computer off and won't be taking it to London so I'll have to rely on hotel computer or their iPads which I hope they still have available !!    All packed and ready for our journey south tomorrow morning;    see those of you attending Regents Park on Wednesday :)   safe trip to all going.    

  • I think I've met Riverside Robin three times and based on his consistent behaviour I'd say it's definitely the same bird.

  • Thanks, Hazel and MC, very sensible explanations.

    Hazel, I hope you made it for tea at the hotel!

  • Gardenbirder
    Hazel, I hope you made it for tea at the hotel!

       oh yes  !!   had afternoon tea and now on evening cocktails/ canapes  in the lounge - I may never go home  lol       See you tomorrow :)   hopefully I'll still be sober  ;) 

  • See you tomorrow, Hazel.  I trust Mike will manage to get you both to the park!

  • Gardenbirder

    See you tomorrow, Hazel.  I trust Mike will manage to get you both to the park!

      I wouldn't bank on it Ann, he's had two glasses of champers whilst i only had one cocktail  !       The cocktail I had was French 1875 - Langham special (I think ! )  but can highly recommend it  lol

  • Hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow - sunshine and loads of birds,  looking forward to your photos and anecdotes.