A few pics from Leighton Moss


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A few pics from Leighton Moss

  • Up at 5am, setting out by car at 6.15am and arriving 7.30am  this morning !!     Pretty quiet day on the photographic side of things although I wasn't making much effort really, a bit lazy, opting to look through binoculars instead much of the time !      Plenty of smaller birds around the reserve and the Purple Heron still in residence but managing to elude my camera each time I visited Grisedale Hide and hearing  "you just missed it"   - on each of three visits   !       Water Rails were "squealing" everywhere, Bearded Tits were pinging but I decided not to join the throng by the grit trays along the Causeway this morning and just enjoyed seeing Marsh Tits and strolling around feeding area.     I did see Bearded Tits in the trees as I ventured down the Causeway around 1.45pm but they soon headed into the reeds and out of sight.     So for now, you'll have to put up with the table d'hôte species rather than the à la carte     LOL

    besides which, I know someone who likes robins   lol

    wind-swept robin     !!!!!

     This Mallard drake couldn't stop laughing when he looked at the robin above   !!!

    Robin was not impressed with being laughed at    ......................  !!!! 

    A handsome Pied Wagtail was on the roof of the stone Barn ..........

    I have to say the Marsh Tits are one of my favourite birds to see and I love their ‘pitchou’  sound  

    The mute Swans and Cygnets are often crossing the Causeway path and I tend to give them a wide berth till they cross to the other side rather than be hissed at   lol     The parent swans are so protective even though the cygnets are quite mature now ..

    and who can resist seeing a handsome male Reed Bunting ..........

    beautiful Great Tit sporting his new autumn/winter waistcoat ....

    Methinks ?    Male Migrant Hawker   - still lots of dragonflies around 

    A little Coal Tit -  such beautiful markings 

    and sorry I couldn't get decent shots of this Water Rail, one of dozens around the reserve.   It was lurking in the dark woodland area by the feeding logs.   

    That's it for now,   I will update this thread if I get more pics tomorrow;       Wednesday we will be joined by Jason (forumate) but the weather looks set to be horrendous   !!      

  • Very nice start to your visit. Were the PTR's about, or is that one of them in the third pic?

  • We all luvva Robin aitch as well as the rest ... have fun, hope you don't get too soaked on Wednesday!

  • @ Paul  didn't see the PTR's,  the robins I photographed were either bottom end of Causeway on the way to the woodland area or at the opposite end of the reserve towards Grisedale/Jackson hides and other's I will add shortly at the 2nd feeding log.   Think PTR junior's have all spread their wings and found new areas.

    @ Wendy,  was a beautiful day today, very mild with sunshine at times but heavy rain/wind is due in at midnight so not sure what we'll be able to do tomorrow;  I'll be texting Jason shortly to say have an extra hour or two in bed and get the later train  lol  .... as we may have to make Thursday the birding day  !    Will sort out a few photos from today;  lots of regular birds around but did see  three very nice birds today but don't hold your breath for any photos of them as they were a Cetti's Warbler which I just viewed close up with binoculars, a distant female Marsh Harrier and nearly as distant Purple Heron   lol    Still enjoyed the day and bumped into a few people I have met on previous visits to L.Moss -  it's such a friendly reserve :)

  • Very nice Hazel, love the Robins and I have yet to get a picture of a Water rail, I wanted to call in today myself but am not 100% at the moment not sure if it was something I ate or if its something else but if I still feel like this after tomorrow it’s a visits to the docs for me, anyway hope you get some time to get out I know its not looking good but LM can come up with some nice weather when its bad elsewhere so good luck.


  • Day 2  - in no particular order

    Little Wren

    male chaffinch

    a bit of a frown from Nutty    .....    

    Robin  ! 

    Marsh Tits love mealworms ! 

    Nutty wanted to show you his prize peanut    lol 

    and upside down Goldcrest who wouldn't pause for a second ! 

    Robins for Paul .....

    a gorgeous Blue Tit

    handsome male chaffinch

    presuming this is a female Migrant Hawker ?

    Roe deer Stag and I saw two females in same area

    distant female Marsh Harrier 

    and last but not least the only chance I got to photograph the Purple Heron as the hide was quite busy -  had to grab these shots over the heads of other photographers ! 

    Not sure I'll even be able to get out on to the reserve tomorrow but will be meeting up with Jason from this forum.    Weather set for extremely wet and very windy so only time will tell if we can get round the reserve;   the water level is already high so Wellingtons will be the order of the day and maybe a Sou'wester   lol 

  • Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good today Jim and hope it's just a 24 hour bug and you can get a visit in to L.Moss maybe Thursday or Friday when the weather will hopefully be better than tomorrows forecast;   it was really nice today, very warm at times in the sunshine so we stayed at the reserve all day, visiting the salt marshes on the way back to Pine Lakes;  avocet, wigeons, lapwings, redshanks were the main waders seen at the salt marsh although someone had also reported Ruff which I didn't manage to spot.  

    Get well soon and hope to see you soon.

  • Glad to hear the weather was good today and you had some good sightings. I know the water's already high on site - the very last bit of the path to Lower hide was under water a few weeks ago when I was there ... not so deep you couldn't get to it, but anyway, let's hope it doesn't go that high again with tomorrow's rain.

    I always look out for the Marsh Tits, too, possibly because I like 'my' local Willow Tits and they're almost identical! I haven't seen an Avocet up there recently, so I'd assumed they'd all gone. Nice to know the odd one is still around.

  • Great thread Hazy, lovely photos, nothing wrong with plenty of Robins, but all the others just make viewing a pleasure.   I can see why you like Marsh Tits but that little Coal Tit takes some beating.    Well done on the Marsh Harrier flight shots and also the Purple Heron, glad to see Mr Nuthatch in good form.   Take care tomorrow, wellies may not be enough, tea and cake sounds much better.

  • Looks like a great 2 days already Hazy & sounds like you'll be concentrating on waders tomorrow LOL.

  • lovely shots

  • Lovely photos from your day out Hazy, glad the rain stayed off.

  • Glad your first two days have been nice at LM. Lovely photos of all the little birds. It's good they are so confiding that you can get good close up shots. Nice shots of the Marsh Harrier too but the Purple Heron is the star for me.

    I was just listening to the news today and they were saying the weather in Cumbria is pretty bad with flood warnings being issued. Not going to get much birding today I suspect.

  • Hazel, I hope your day is not a total washout!  The weather forecast for up there sounded awful.  However, your first two days looked glorious and thanks for all the photos of the rare and the usual birds.  Love the Purple Heron (as well as all the gorgeous little birds!).  With luck you may have better days tomorrow and the next if you there all week.

  • Lovely set of shots as always, Hazel. The reports I was hearing on the radio today didn't sound good down there so I hope you still managed to stay warm & dry.