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Return to Leighton Moss

  • Very nice pictures Hazel, and we had a good laugh tonight with Jason, nice lad shame he is only here for another day :(

    You got to have a laugh when your out and about, but on a serious note that could have been nasty if I had sat there Tony.

    I was just getting some pictures ready when the house phone rang and had to pack in Mike, was calling round to pick me up and go for a meal and that was a very nice meal full to the brim here and that pint of beer went down well, so we are back now so will just upload a few pics that I get ready and they are all Robin pictures I have more but these will do and I will get some others ready for when we get back on line in about half hour.

    Hazel knows this Robin because she has seen the white around its eyes.


  • Just seen this so had to post it taken at the grit trays;


  • Thanks for the gorgeous and the silly pics, Hazel and Jim.  Looking forward to more of both.  Wish we were there!

  • Just woke up and thought it might be about 6.00am thought wrong 1.00am so got up because I knew I would not get back to sleep so here I am and doing the same as last night so will get some more pictures ready and I can't wait to I get to yesterdays pictures, it was a dull day but some of the pictures look nice just hope I was not dreaming this :)

    Anyway's will start doing some PP now and stop talking, wish me luck.


  • I wondered why you said smile Hazel, and then said look behind you good job they were antlers it would have been a devil trying to get out of this if they had been horns lol


  • Up early, looking forward to another day with the crazy gang  lol   Sharp frost on the ground and car this morning as temperatures dipped overnight and will be heading off to the salt marshes at 8am and then to the main reserve;  tea and toast are ready Jim  lol



  • HAZY
     tea and toast are ready Jim

    Sounds good to me Hazel, It was a bit late last night but got some pictures ready and looked at yesterday pictures and I have got a few nice pictures, anyway these are from Mondays take.


  • Silverdale, sun till 1:00pm :)


  • Sounds like you are all having a nice time of it down there. Lots of nice photos too. Is that a cup of coffee in the photographers pocket in the last shot?

  • Paul A
    Is that a cup of coffee in the photographers pocket in the last shot?

      lol Paul, wish it had been !   tub of live mealworms for those mugging robins  !

  • We are Paul, I got some nice pictures from yesterday to show and some from today, so will get a move on :)


  • Nice photos from Monday, Jim. Good to get the Bearded Reedling actually in the reeds.

    Hope Hazel and Mike are not wearing you out and you get a good night's sleep.

  • Fabulous thread Hazel looks like you all had a fantastic time and took some amazing photo's.

  • Thank you Tony, Haze and Mike might be wearing me out but so is the fresh air I just had an hours sleep lol
    We are having a good time and having friends like Hazel and Mike make up for any bad weather we may have had but we have been lucky its been a fantastic time here and its sad to say good bye to Jason we have all had a good laugh and that’s what life is all about.
    Anyway here are the pictures from yesterday hope you like.