Yellow Wagtail and a few others


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Yellow Wagtail and a few others

  • Hi all,this 1w Yellow Wagtail has been on the beach at Marazion, Penzance for the past few days-quite an unusual sighting at this time of year. This is a first sighting for me, and I was lucky to get some beautiful sunshine and light today

    Yellow Wagtail

    and one of it's Pied cousins it was hanging around with 

    squawking H Gull in nice light 

    These next few photos are from a bird feeding area that I visited today before heading to the beach. Don't worry I haven't resorted to nailing L.T.T's to a branch just for a photo,lol ! 

    the best photo of a Goldcrest I managed today 

    and this Sparrowhawk showed some interesting behaviour-it has been taking birds from the feeding area,but today I saw it hovering over the water and flushing out 2 Snipe


    GS Woodpecker

    Buzzard being mobbed by Crows

    and another Buzzard

    and a few from Marazion beach today -huge numbers of Gulls all along the shoreline 

    and sunset this evening,St Michael's Mount and view towards Newlyn 

    Best wishes, Jayne 

  • Nice set especially the Yellow wag- I saw some other pics of that Sprawk on Facebook today, very interesting to see.

  • Thanks Bob,the Yellow Wagtail was great to see.I photographed a male Sprawk taking a Blackbird a few days ago at the feeding area,so presume this is the same one-I've not seen one hovering over water like a Kestrel before though.I know the 2 guys that were with me in the hide are on facebook,so I expect it is one of them posted


  • Hi Jayne,    wonderful to see the Yellow Wagtail, what a beauty and the other lovely sightings including raptors, well done on the Goldcrest too and thanks for the Lollipop on a stick  lol    

  • Lovely shots Jayne, seen and admired on Flickr.

  • Thanks Hazel and Terry

  • Great to see a Yellow Wagtail especially this late in the year. Unusual behaviour from the Sparrowhawk - just shows how adaptable birds are.

    Very nice set of photos - love the beach scenes.

  • Nice photos Jayne, a cute looking wee bird the wagtail and the lollypops are soooo cute, and that is a grumpy looking Goldcrest.

  • Lovely set of photos Jayne! I particularly enjoyed the Wagtails, they always look so smart.

  • Great photos Jayne, lovely light for the Herring Gull making it almost golden coloured.  I can understand the Sprawk taking from the bird feeder, but the beach is unusual, harder work surely.   Love the views, should be some good sunsets now, in fact tonight we had a nice one.