Stone creatures


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Stone creatures

  • i would like to share with you all of these odd rocky formation suggesting animal or monster silhouettes depending on your own imagination.

    Please feel absolutely free to rename what you whatever you want :)

    Good night .

  • what an amazing landscape, lovely photos David, thanks for sharing

  • Your first picture reminds me of Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Mascot the Flying Lady.

    Second picture looks like a face looking left with a funny hat on :)

    Third picture also looks like a face facing towards us with a big smile and large eyes :)

    Third picture


  • Well done David I agree with Jim on photo 1 and 2 and I think 3 like Jim says is a face with a big smile but looks like he's been hit in the right eye and it's swollen up/closed.

  • Yes they do but if you look at photo 2 and were to put the top part into quarters the top right piece (12 o'clock - 3 o'clock) looks like the outline to our county of Caithness, I will add a link to a photo, well that my interpretation anyway! On trying to find a map, found this and thought you may like to read It.

  • It's Sam Eagle from the Muppet Show.!! :-)

  • Hahaha briliant Paul :) I didnt know about that Muppet show :))

  • Fantastic , really it looks like the funny eagle :))

  • Hi Catlady, i ve just finished my attemp with your county's outline, i have had to make some adjusts on the John`s Ogret area but i hope you like it as it defintively has resulted. if you want the picture better please feel absoultely free to let me know.

  • Very nice David.


  • Wow David, that is brilliant and it really does look like the county of Caithness.