How about a corvid thread?couple more tonight


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How about a corvid thread?couple more tonight

  • Here's a few shots from Sunday

    I was glad to see Mr Rook doing a grand job of cleaning up the mess left by spadgers earlier.

    Isn't he a handsome chap.

    A few of his cousins just wonder if they can help

    She made it safely I wonder if I can

    I'm watching you carefully

    Phew...made it.

    Got rid of those pesky jackdaws and now you can see my lovely plumage

    Shame that person with the camera left out my tail!!

    Just showing that I'm good at sharing really.

    Hope you like them


  • Lovely shots Gaynor and a cracking idea for a thread.

    Here's one of mine


    and another

  • What a timely thread!  Here follow some great reasons to have your camera in the car when you go supermarket shopping:

  • Good idea for a thread, Gaynor. Corvids are very underrated and often persecuted bird but I like them. Nice photos from everyone.

    I'll throw in a few different ones.

    Very distinctive tail so no prizes.

    How about these. They are corvids but not as you may know them. 

  • Not been out much lately so this kind of post appeals. One of each of the ones I have seen over the years.

  • Great idea Gaynor, I love corvids as they are fascinating to watch and are such clever birds.  Lovely photos everyone and really interesting pics from Tony of corvids I've never seen before .  

     I took a few pics at L.Moss that I didn't put up ....

  • Nice idea, Gaynor, I do like a Corvid or two.



    Carrion Crow

  • A recent customer on the feeder....

    Canary Islands Raven, La Palma


  • Just come back in again after listening to a talk on "Etchings on Gravestones, very find some really fabulous photos of your corvids.   Going back now to have another look but they are all soooo glossy,  put me to shame taking through the window but he would have flown if I opened the door.    In fact today I have another of him so will put it up later.

  • Caught him peeping

    He does look big up there

    Can I reach in there

    Oh Yes!!!

    I had to then open door as Titch needed his supper:-)  so off he flew - well I think it may be male but don't really know.

    Edit    I know the feeders were practically empty, I did fill them up ready for the morning when he had left:-)

  • I have no idea what this Maggie has in its beak, but it's quite large!

  • Looks like a sausage !!  Lovely blue sky MC and I love the spread of the wings on your magpie.

  • Looks more like a hash brown in these pics

  • Stunning, Paul.  Not the easiest bird to get in flight.

  • Took this picture a month ago, the white feather of this Jackdaw caught my attention.

    Up next a magpie:


    Finally, a Rook:


    Just found another picture of a Corvid, this time a Carrion Crow I believe, I don't think its a Raven since its probably too small?