Mostly Moths 2018


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Mostly Moths 2018

  • Happy New Year all!

    Same thread as before but a whole year of moth hunting ahead of us. You don't need lots of expensive equipement to set up light traps, a budget of around £20 should be enough, have a look on the old thread HERE or ask again, there is always (almost) someone who knows. Wendy is our surrogate mum & has a house & shed full of caterpillars & pupas & breeding adults!

    The moths are still coming to feed on the rope in the garden. All you need is to dissolve 0,5Kg of sugar in 0,5 litres of wine, by gently heating up & stirring. Then pour the mixture into an old pan & put in a natural fibre rope or cord. (Don't put the ends in as it gets messy). Leave to soak a day & hang in the garden from a tree or bush or between posts. Then go back just after dark & see who's feeding. I tend to pop out about every half hour until bedtime. Then the fun starts as you try to get the camera settings right for the photos. The rope tends to work for about 3 days & then needs redipping during the day before the 4th night. Here are some "library pictures"

    My rope is now a lot shorter as I only have 1 tree & just loop it from one low branch, it needs to be about 4ft from the ground. Here is one from 30 December, a Chestnut

    Everone is welcome!

  • Bonne Annee H & R!

    May have some new incumbents today .... watch this space!

  • I need to get cracking with the wine and sugar   LOL    just been too windy and wet and doesn't look like clearing anytime soon !    

    Thanks for all the info Hazel,  I'll get moth trapping one day  lol

  • WendyBartter
    May have some new incumbents today ..

    Unfortunately couldn't get to pick them up ... maybe Friday!!

    ITM here's a surprise pupa currently cooking ... one that went on the turn before Robin could eat the worm!!

  • Any ideas what it is Wendy?

  • Sorry H, should have been more specific ... Waxworm pupa!  The only one I've ever come across in Robin's special treat!

  • If you find another you could set up a breeding station! LOL Now there's an idea.

  • Good idea H, could always encourage a few more to happen to ensure both sexes!  Let you know how it goes, they feed on honey & wheatmeal, simples!!

  • I've had a few turn up at the start of the month, a Pearly Underwing

    a Black-Spotted Chestnut

    a tatty White Speck

    then yesterday a little moth appeared in the house "Borkhausenia nefrax" & got the best shots possible with my Nikon plus 105mm

    then my late Xmas pressie arrived a Raynox DCR-150 attachement & WOW, was I impressed

    At only 65 euros I really wish I'd bought it 3 years ago. I thought a magnifying lens would just magnify my shakes, but no, super sharp especially on the antennes.

  • Super shots H, that's what I should have bought instead of Vivitar 58mm wide angle lens with macro, quite disappointed so far!

    New kid on the block found inside kitchen by back door (nearly went up the hoover!)

    About 30mm with big eyes!

  • Do you think it could be good old Angle Shades?

  • Almost definitely H, just popped out to get some Valerian to see if it prefers them to the dandelion!

  • You do spoil them Wendy!

  • Interesting critter 

    New kid on the block found inside kitchen by back door (nearly went up the hoover!)

       You could always use the same name for the caterpillar as a chap up at Leighton Moss who has a pet duck..................   and call it Dyson   lol  

  • At 3cm long it could also be Tyson! LOL Fancy doing a few rounds with a heavyweight?