All about Insects 2018


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All about Insects 2018

  • This is the link to last years thread

    There aren't many insects around at the moment apart from the Harlequin ladybirds which keep coming the house. Although a couple of days ago I saw a bee & 2 flies on a dandelion flower. Who has got the first insect photos for 2018 then. That's a challenge!

    This is a Southern Green Shield bug shield bug from 18th december, I only seem to see them at this time of year, it came to the moth trap

    Look forward to seeing all your photos.

  • I've had a couple of Red Admirals & Peacocks but this Comma in the garden this morning was a real treat, not to mention the lovely sunshine that must have encouraged it to poke it's nose out!

    For the gardeners amongst you it's sitting on the broad bean plants which have overwintered nicely.

  • It won't be long before the insects start becoming active.

  • So lovely H, thanks for sharing!

    Something which bugged me (sorry) all last year was seeing these pretty things all mixed in with weird & wonderful critters ... would anyone object to me starting  'Beautiful Butterflies 2018' thread in their honour?

    It could open with your capture H & hopefully soon be joined by others!

  • Although butterflies are obviously insects I think they deserve their own thread, so go for it Wendy.

    We might need another new thread for Dazzling Dragonflies in a few months.

  • 'Tis done ...

    Will let you start other thread TJ as you're likely to get plenty of dazzling pics!

  • First Ladybird of the year, sadly it's a painted one lol

  • LOL Here's a real one, we have a game of chucking them out of the house & then they come straight back in again! Foreign imports unfortunately,

    It's also the time of year we get invaded by little red beetles that come out of the firewood

    We keep putting them out too!

  • Is this a Wasp Beetle? I've got it in a small container with some pieces of rotting wood.

  • Interesting find MC especially as they mostly die off at end of summer!

  • Definitely an interesting find for this time of year, so had a bit of a browse myself and perhaps Plagionotus arcuatus is a better match than Wasp Beetle

  • See that the markings vary between the two species ... some very educational vids on YT! Lol

  • Yes, I agee, Plagionotus arcuatus which is really interesting if you look on this page MC, it appears to be extinct, so you could make someone very happy by sending off your photo!

  • Only one sighting since 2000, which was in Surrey, according to the more detailed species page. If you've still got it happy in a box, you might have flocks of coleopterists camping out by the front door when news gets around!

  • I did read that it comes in sometimes on imported wood, if you have a woodyard nearby MC?