Amphibiens 2018


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Amphibiens 2018

  • It took me ages to find this one so thought I'd start a new one. I had a couple of newts larking around the moth trap towards the end of november, one of them had what looks like a woodlouse

    & a green frog too from October

    Anyone had any others recently?

  • Don’t think I will be seeing anything around here for another month or more Hazel, its still to cold for them to come out.

  • Can't even get a frog or newt to visit pond H let alone the moth trap!  Lol

    Had tadpoles with legs last year but they simply vanished!

  • I have had good success with frog spawn, but I will give a little advice my late wife loved pebbles and placed them all around the pond and when the froglets were leaving the pond they stuck to the pebbles and with the sun being out they died I then covered the pond with a shade so they could get passed the pebbles and into the grass surrounding the pond.  

  • Thanks for that James, we're digging a pond at the moment, at least we were until we had 6 inches of rain in the last few weeks! I'll have to look at the design with that in mind!

  • I rescued this critter from the middle of local busy traffic hill, (It was reluctant to move,I wanted to insure it was not injured already) eventually hopping into the hedgerow.

  • It didn't turn into a Prince did it? LOL The poor Toads really suffer on the roads around breeding times.

  • CHOL:):) he was certainly a beautiful specimen .

  • A tree frog on the shutters last night, luckily it didn't get crushed!

  • I love the variety of nature related threads on the forum.

    We have a small pond in our garden, that is home to two carp. At one time, it used to be home to a lot of frogs, and a toad, but they all seem to have disappeared.

    We used to get deluges of frog spawn, the fish must have thought all their Christmas dinners had come at once when the tadpoles hatched...

    But sadly, the last five years we hardly get any frog spawn, or frogs.....

  • Yes it's a shame Mike, but I don't think fish & frogs mix. You either have a nature pond or a fish pond! LOL

  • Love it.

  • I wasn't even aware you got tree frogs there! A great colour, too.

  • Yes, we get 2 types of Tree frog, this one is Hyla meridionalis & much more common around here than Hyla arborea which I've never seen. They have a very loud call, which resonates if they happen to be in plastic downpipes or around drains! 

  • The frogs and fish seem to co-exist without any problems. The frogs still frequent the pond, they just don't seem to lay any frog spawn.

    Unfortunately, being a small pond, it has to be managed, or the plant life will take over, and it will become a quagmire before it becomes solid earth and plants.... LOL