Beautiful Butterflies 2018


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Beautiful Butterflies 2018

  • Waiting for H to transfer her Comma over!

  • Good idea Wendy, so here is my Comma, seen in the garden today to kick us off

    It was a lovley splash of colour, spotted by OH as I dug up a shrub. He dutifully called me & brought both our cameras out, my boots & hands were far too muddy to navigate the house!

  • Beautiful sight & a great start to this new thread, thanks H!  2017 was a good year here for Commas, hope for same this year!

  • Lovely to see - although it was noticeable how many insects ventured out in the sun today, I think it will be a few weeks yet before we see any Comma's around here.

  • I made my annual visit to the Butterfly Event at RHS Wisley. This is held in part of the large glasshouse which simulates the tropics being very hot and humid. Nice to get out of the winter chill for a few hours.

    While we are waiting for our native butterflies to appear I thought I'd show a few of the free flying exotics that they have there. I'd love to see them in their native habitats.

    One of the largest (100 mm +) is the Blue Morpho. It usually closes its wings when perched but occasionally you can catch it with wings open.

    Here it is with closed wings - you can just the blue from the upper wing

    Another large butterfly is the Giant Owl. This also perches with wings closed displaying the large "eyes" which act as a deterrent to predators.

    Big Billy sipping nectar from some exotic flower.

    The Malachite


    Tree Nymph which was very active until it finally settled.

    The Clipper which is a medium sized butterfly. There's a blue variant of this species which I didn't see.

    An Autumn Leaf. You can see why it is so named. A great camouflage.

    The upper wings look quite different.


    Asian Swallowtail

    A new one for me was this beauty. It took me a while to find out what it was as it wasn't on the leaflet you get. I think it's a Citrus Swallowtail.

    Roll on Spring and Summer when we get to see our native species.

  • Wow thanks for posting TJ, beautiful splash of colour on a cold grey day! Our butterflies have gone to ground a bit, we had Red Admirals & Peacocks until a week ago though.

  • What stunning photos Tony, such beautiful butterflies and I was amazed at the Blue Morpho as you wouldn't think it was the same butterfly with its wings closed and no blue showing.   The Swallowtails are gorgeous, what a lovely thread, thank you for these latest additions.   As you say, roll on spring/summer and our own species.

  • Just seen a Brimstone fly across the garden. It didn't settle so no photo. First native butterfly I've seen since last autumn.

  • Well done TJ, ours have just come back after the cold snap with a Red Admiral & Peacock the last few days, not seen a Brimstone yet though.

  • What a welcome sign of spring on the way with your sighting of the Brimstone Tony,   I understand they are amongst the first butterflies to arrive but still seems quite early and nice to hear you have seen the Red Admiral and Peacock butterflies over in France Hazel.    I feel spring is close when I hear about the flutterbys :)  

  • I've been busy with the Moth Book lately & hunting Storks nests too, however saw 3 of these today along with a Speckled Wood

    Photos taken in the teeth of a gale with the zoom lens, but soooooooo pleased to see them. Spring is on it's way.

  • Hard to believe spring is on the way here with Arctic temperatures and snow but I must say the lovely photos of your beautiful Orange Tip butterflies are a welcome sight reminding me that this cold weather is only temporary  -  maybe !!  

  • Ooh, I'm jealous of those Hazel. They are usually one of the first I see on my local patch. No chance of that at the moment with snow on the ground and freezing temperatures.

    Before the latest cold weather I did catch a glimpse of a Small Tortoiseshell (I'm fairly sure) in the garden, presumably one that overwintered, but it was too quick for me.

  • Great news H, amazing how they cope in this awful weather!  Haven't been out in two days but been snow free for a couple of hours now although not more than 1°C! Brrrrrrrrrrr

  • Yes, this last lot of extreme cold has not come this far, but it's still very cold for the time of year. You all have my sympathy & keep warm at home!