Kestrels in the Quarry 2018 ..23rd/24th/29th May updates!


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Kestrels in the Quarry 2018 ..23rd/24th/29th May updates!

  • On a technicality only the one still but am ever hopeful!

    This space is reserved for when I catch up with myself enough to edit & post quite a number of visits from Mr K since the start of the new year!

  • ITM here's a taster from today's visit

  • Doesn't he look good? Hope a suitable mate spots him.

  • I'll pop his photo & address out on the marshes & maybe one of our local girls will fly over for him!

  • Yehhh, I was getting withdrawal symptoms!! Boootiful Mr K.

  • Lovely to see him again.

  • Thanks all for your continued interest, here he is again this morning, seems to enjoy perching on various crags on the cliff face ...

  • He is a beauty, Wendy.

  • Thanks Ann, have to say that I'm quite in love with him!

  • It's so good to see handsome Mr Kestrel Wendy, thanks for the updates

  • Very nice pictures Wendy.

  • So good to see him again and boy is he looking handsome, some female somewhere is bound to see him and drop in surely.

  • Phew ... thought he was never coming back!!

    Found him on cliff face yesterday looking so handsome ...


    Different location a short while later ...


    Looks like a rat to me???

  • He certainly doesn't look any the worse for his absence and judging by that catch he's doing well enough!

  • Good to see him back Wendy he's looking good.