Not even covering my feet!! Another visitor today, slightly bigger in stature.


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Not even covering my feet!! Another visitor today, slightly bigger in stature.

  • That was about as much as we had this year, so Titch decided to go for a bath

    As only a bird can he really enjoyed his bath today,

    I took a fair number stood outside watching him from about 5yards away

    Need to give myself a good ducking and maybe attract a female

    OK I'll get out now

    Oooh that was a little deep

    I had to drag him out honestly - you know what these boys are like, takes an age to get them in then they won't leave the water:-)

    Nice bit of sunshine to dry off the feathers

    Bit of preening

    Well no female robin but this little BT will do

    Now I need feeding after all that exercise

    Not too many I hope,

    but he is lovely:-)

  • He is lovely indeed Gaynor, went a little deep in one of the last photos! Hopefully it will not be too much longer before he finds himself a mate. Lovely selection.

  • Lovely shots, Gaynor. He's looking very smart after his bath.

  • Thanks Catlady, no sign of a female yet, but maybe there is still time.  

    Paul I enjoyed seeing him plunging in the cold water today, Robins and Blackbirds always seem to have such a thorough wash.

  • It's always fun to watch a bird dunk itself - they're so enthusiastic about it.

  • That looked more like a swim than a bath! Robins do love water don't they? Hopefully there's a Mrs Titch nearby.

  • lol Gaynor, what a little character Titch is and love the photos of him enjoying his water bathing.  

  • A brilliant sequence Gaynor he certainly enjoyed his bath.

  • Thanks all, very de-stressing to have him around.

    Glad he wasn't around when this one turned up after dinner

    My Grandson spotted him sitting up there on the wires getting blown in the wind

    Then down to the hedge it came and seemed to spot something on the decking.

    It was a rodent, probably young rat, but it missed it and decided to play a waiting game in the flower pot.

    He/she pounced at that hole where the mouse or rat had peeped out but missed again

    After a short stay it took off again to the wire and then over the fields, no supper tonight(:     

    If they are rats then I hope it remembers and returns and helps me to get rid of them.

  • Wow Gaynor, what a special visitor to have in your garden, it's a very pale looking buzzard but beautiful to see.   We've had buzzards in our garden three times that I can remember but ours are darker than this pale variation.    Wonderful photos of it.

  • What lovely photos of your visitor Gaynor, hope he returns if it is rats!

  • Gorgeous bird!  I hope he comes back.

  • I'm sure I replied once, well never mind, thanks all and yes it was a surprise Hazy, never had a buzzard in the garden though have seen plenty in local fields.   At first I thought it was a female Sprawk as it was so big, then when I noticed all the white I did wonder if it was one of last year's brood of Buzzard.

  • Absolutely wonderful pics Gaynor, that Buzzard is so pretty!

  • Lovely Buzzard shots Gaynor it certainly has a young look about it.

    No doubt it will be back if it thinks it has found a food source.