Garden beauties


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Garden beauties

  • Here's few from the garden today...    starting with Mr Blackbird doing a Wren impression  !

    Robin,   sadly one of our back garden robins was predated by a Sparrowhawk late yesterday afternoon;  all I found was a pile of feathers :(

    Coal tit  taking a kibbled peanut 

    female G.S.Woodpecker looking pristine;    she's fairly confiding and I can sit within three to five metres of her

    Jay next - perching on the summerhouse roof 

    then hopping down to the photo- prop   !!  

    another robin 

    The Blue Tits are very vocal and hopping around like a box of mad frogs  ! 

    One of the four Nutties 

    lovely wing display as it landed for food 

    last but not least,  I think this is Dinky wren

    B U R P   !!     excuse you little Wren   .......

  • Hi Hazel, a lovely garden selection. Shame about the Robin though. They are all buzzing about at the moment, collecting materials, nesting and some feeding. A wet day here as well but we have had a great week with sunshine and a bit of heat.

  • Nice the GSW comes that close. The BT's in my garden are now sticking their beaks into absolutely everything, too, whereas before they were just going straight to the feeders. They obviously know the insects are coming into season and are prepared to hunt for them instead of just relying on the free food.

  • How did you get the Nuttie to pose like that on the branch Hazy?, lovely to see the Jays looking so appealing, and Dinky also is a little stunner.

  • @ Nigel, as you say lots of insects around for the birds and trees now leafing so won't be long before those Oak Moth caterpillars are ready for picking !!   

    How did you get the Nuttie to pose like that on the branch Hazy?,

      lol Gaynor,  I guess the birds are so used to seeing us in the garden and me pointing the camera at them that they don't bat an eyelid any more.    Virtually all the birds will land reasonably close if I don't make any sudden movements - just takes time setting up the right photo prop and waiting for a rare decent day  !!   

  • Lovely thread Hazel -good to see your garden beauties. You've captured some gorgeous detail and expressions.Seeing your Nuthatch photo made me think, I've never actually seen a Nuthatch fly so must keep my eyes peeled in future!


  • Very nice pictures Hazel, sorry to hear you lost one of your Robins thou :(