Brownsea and Ham Wall trip


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Brownsea and Ham Wall trip

  • Hi all, I've been off work this week (unusual for me I picked a week of lovely weather),so we had a couple of days in Dorset to visit Brownsea Island and then Ham Wall, Somerset on the way back. We went to Brownsea a few years ago and I loved it there -the reserve was fairly quiet this visit, the main birds being lots of BH Gulls which are starting to nest build on the purpose built Tern islands which you can see in the photo. 

    BH Gull with nesting material -they are noisy at the best of times,so you can imagine the noise levels at this time,lol !

    We saw lots of Godwits and a few Avocet

    The Terns are starting to return 

    and the Red Squirrels were hard to spot initially until we sat on a log for a rest and 3 came bounding towards us -they really enjoyed the Walnuts 

    and a few from Ham Wall, again it was generally quiet,but we did see a lovely pair of Great White Egrets and a Marsh Harrier and heard lots of Booming  Bitterns 

    we also watched this lovely Wren nestbuilding close to one of the hides,taking moss back and forth 

    Best wishes,Jayne

  • Wonderful thread Jayne, interesting to hear about the different areas and to view the fab photos;    the Red Squirrel looks superb with the light on it, you did pick a lovely week so well done and glad you had such a good trip to the various places.   The Wren is a real cutie and that nest site looks perfect !

  • Thanks Hazel, Brownsea Island is a great place to visit-the hides give superb close up views. I've persuaded David to take another trip there when i have a week off in June,there should be more to see,hopefully some BH Gull and Sandwich Tern chicks fingers crossed !


  • Hi Jayne, were lucky enough to say we have been to both places and enjoyed every moment so thanks for bring back wonderful memories. We only saw one Red Squirrel but he did pose well for the camera, and at Ham Wall we saw our first every Glossy Ibis.

  • A lovely set of photos, Jayne--thanks!  Brownsea Island is on our list but we've yet to see it, and seeing a Red Squirrel would definitely be a bonus, never having seen one in Britain before.  However, we were at Ham Wall today (well, it is yesterday by now!) and we saw 3 Marsh Harriers, two Great White Egrets, nesting Grebes and heard singing Cetti's, Blackcap and White Throats among others.  Lovely place.  Good luck with your trip back to Brownsea in June and I hope you see everything on your wish list!

    Shane, We saw a Glossy Ibis at Ham Wall last year but we saw out first Glossy Ibis at Frampton Marsh several years ago.

  • Ann, we also saw it last year :-)  

  • I'd love to make it to this part of the world.  I don't need to imagine the noise levels as the black-headed and Mediterranean gulls have completely taken over the Scrape at Minsmere and the noise is tremendous!  Gorgeous set of photos, Jayne - my favourites have got to be the red squirrels as we will never see them wild here.