Dazzling Damsels and Dragons 2018


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Dazzling Damsels and Dragons 2018

  • A thread for all you Odonata aficionados to post your photos of Damselflies and Dragonflies

    It's been a late start to the season this year but I got my first one today - a female Banded Demoiselle. 

  • Great idea for a thread Tony and what a beauty to start it off with that stunning Banded Demoiselle;     although Jim and I saw a damselfly in the garden yesterday it had scooted off before Jim could reach for his camera.   Hopefully we'll get more sunshine and I'll keep a lookout for them.

  • None here yet TJ I had a good look round this morning.

    Can you have a look at Silvana's photo and see if you know what it is


    She's got some beauties today.

  • Could Sylvana's be a female Common Darter ... no expert but did have one in garden last year ID'd on here I think!

  • Wow, she does take some superb photos and all with a bridge camera.

    I'd go for a female Black-tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum cancellatum) but still learning. Don't know what the Dutch name is.

  • Thanks Tony yep it looks like you are right according to the UK Dragonfly site.

    She certainly gets stunning shots with her camera.

  • Nice one Tony.

    I've only seen a Large Red so far (no photo)

    Alan, I would say Sylvana's is an immature Black Tailed Skimmer - but do wait for others to confirm!

  • Post crossed and we got similar conclusions!

  • Thanks chaps looks like you've sorted it.

  • Although the immature male has similar markings I went for female because of the anal appendage.

  • At least I got the same species as you! I bow to your knowledge re female: I find it difficult to differentiate between the two even from the ID pics for this (and some other) species unless maybe I see under the tail!

  • Silvana says thank you everyone.

  • Nigel O
    At least I got the same species as you! I bow to your knowledge re female:

    LOL Nigel. Doesn't mean that I'm right though. Roy W who is an expert will probably come along and blow me out of the water.

  • Very nice Tony, sadly not seen any here yet :(

  • I only had a bit of time so went to one of the local parks today which is a bit of hotspot to see what was around. No dragons yet, but plenty of Large Red Damselflies enjoying the sun. 

    Beautiful colours with red, black and bronze

    And those amazing colourful eyes - something that's very difficult to see in the wild, without some sort of magnification - like a macro lens :)

    This is still the only species I've seen so far this year but others can't be too far behind now.