Flora 2018


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Flora 2018

  • I was looking around for a similar thread but I couldn't find one so I thought I'd start a thread for floras.

    We went on a guided tour by a warden of a local reserve so decided to bring my full frame and macro lens instead of the usual crop sensor and telephoto zoom. Of course I'd see my first Reed Warbler and Blackcap of the year when I don't bring the usual setup! But here are some of the flowers We saw.

    Dandelion seed head

    Cow Parsley


    Marsh Marigold and a sneaky micro moth I believe


    Red Clover

    Wood Forget Me Not


    Next up some rarities 

    Adder's Tongue Fern

    I am a big fan of orchids and I grow orchids found thats sold at shows so It's nice to see native orchids in situ, especially this rare orchid, which was the highlight of the tour. It has an extreamlly small flower!

    Coralroot Orchid. 

    I'll be back for more pictures when the spike is in full bloom as I can't get an angle on the single flower which apparently opened overnight as the warden was out looking for it yesterday ahead of the tour.

    Feel free to post your sightings and photographs of floras that you see.

  • What a lovely idea for a thread WE, nice pictures from your day out.

  • Well done on starting the thread WE a lovely idea.

    You've started it off well with cracking shots of some I've not seen before.

    One of mine (the only one for 2018 so far lol)

    Cowslips on my patch

  • Good idea for a thread, WE. We don't post enough wild flowers on here and I must admit I don't take many photos of them.

    Here's my small contribution. It's known as a Loddon Lily, so named after the River Loddon in Berkshire which runs through my patch. It's actually a type of snowflake (Leucojum aestivum

  • I agree with the others, it is a good idea for a thread and it has started well. I'm not very good at all with ID's but I quite like taking the odd snap with the macro so, not sure what this is... except pretty small and found in woodland in a local park

  • Lovely idea WE.   I will have a go tomorrow, but what people will say when I'm spotted lying down in the various fields I don't know.....they will be sending for someone:-)

  • Thanks everyone!

    @ Alan, that is a lot of Cowslips!

    @ Tony, the Lodden Lily looks like it has some lovely dainty flowers.

    @ Nige, can't help you with that ID unfortunately, hopefully someone can ID that. But, I do like the subtle veining on the petals.

    @ Gaynorsl, I look forward to your pictures and good luck staying inconspicuous! Hahaha.

  • I went back to the local reserve again for the Coralroot Orchid, hoping that the spike will have more blooms out, since the weather has been very good recently.

    As expected, while it was not in full bloom, there were enough to get a better view of the flower since you can't step out of the wooden planks placed to allow views of the orchid without disturbing/killing potential orchids. I'm also glad no slugs got at the flowers too as there was only one plant! This is a leafless orchid and relies on being parasitic on fungi to get its nutrients and not needing roots.

    Remember when I said that it was the orchid was a miniature in the first post? Well I got my dad to hold a 1p coin next to the flowers for comparison.


    It was a good job that we got shown where the orchid was on Saturday or else I don't I'll ever find it.

  • Wow that is lovely WE., in the first photo the orchid looks as if it has a smiley face, then you show us how tiny it is, it is a wonder it survives, especially with no roots to hold it securely.

  • Wow that is lovely WE., in the first photo the orchid looks as if it has a smiley face, then you show us how tiny it is, it is a wonder it survives, especially with no roots to hold it securely.  Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks Gaynorsl! It just shows that life always finds a way to hang in there!

    Here are two more flowers I saw during a walk around a lake.

    Cuckoo Flower/Lady's Smock

    This next one I have no idea on what it is

  • I came across this pretty yellow flower growing in dense shade. There was masses of it but to the best of my knowledge I've never seen it before and have no idea what it is.

  • Hi Tony,  I think it may be Yellow Archangel according to my wildflower books

  • Yellow Archangel (Lamium galeobdolon)

    x post with Hazel

  • Thanks Hazel, that looks like it when I Googled it. It's got a bizarre Latin name: Lamium galeobdolon. Try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine. LOL