Emotional blackmail lol


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Emotional blackmail lol

  • When you look at the adult tit birds and see how frazzled they are after breeding and rearing their young, it is hard to ignore them when they flutter up at the window or follow us around the garden buzzing us in the hope they may get a few mealworms or waxworms !    I can't sit in a garden chair  (I hasten to say after three hours of gardening  !  )  without having one of the confiding Great Tits landing on my lap staring up in anticipation of a free mealworm    lol    

    Who would say no to these little worn out faces   !        A kilo of mealworms per week is not going far at the moment even though I eek them out and now there is a shortage at my supplier I had to purchase waxworms at even more expense - but I cannot compare the cost with the pleasure we gain from watching the garden birds, getting to know their individual characters so eventually you can pick them out from others of same species.   

    bless this little soul, she looks worn out making so many trips to feed her young but has her mate helping out too.      It may be the same bird as last year that we nicknamed "Scruffy"    !    Most of the birds have complete trust in us and will hop close to our feet or garden chair.

    All taken with 300mm on 7D

    another frazzled parent bird 

    and dear little Scruffy again 

    don't you just love her  :)       they work so hard to rear young which takes its toll on them despite our help with food 

    this must be a male, doesn't look as worn out as Momma  Scuffy     lol 

    Dinky came over for a couple of waxworms and then shot off back to the waterfall area again ! 

    The Jays will land in front of me although quickly race off with the pastry before returning for more 

    and most likely the female …..

    they realty have beautiful eyes and expressions 

    Young nutty who appears independent;  another nuthatch is being fed by parents on and off so may be from the other nuthatch nest

    peering round the post looking for Momma or Pops 

    GT turbo baby  ! 

    demanding babies  ! 

    BT again 

    "like my new wings "    ??

    GT baby again

    BT jnr. testing its vocal chords 

    robins were keeping territorial watch 

    choosing the tree fern for a lookout post 

    ready to pounce ! 

    nutty jnr.

    Too many pics so will leave it at this...……………..

  • Never too many pictures when they are as adorable as this, Hazy!

  • Thanks Clare, hope you have recovered from the walk with a good overnight rest and that Limpy doesn't have a hangover  lol   Mike and I generally don't celebrate our birthdays either, we tend to opt for a day spent visiting a reserve or walk in the countryside -  so we have lots of birthdays per year   lol  

  • I love the way the young tits quiver their wings when begging to be fed. Their poor parents work so hard to raise them it's no wonder they look frazzled. Blue Tits in particular look in terrible condition at the end of the breeding season.

    The youngsters in my garden seem to have dispersed and I noticed that the young Great Tits are now coming to the feeders independently.

  • And we think parenting is hard enough with human children!

    At least once the young leave the nest, that's it, but our young still require the bank of mum & dad!

    Great photos, and as said before, never too many.