UK's cutest babies and parents !


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UK's cutest babies and parents !

  • Going back into hibernation for the summer after this post but thought I'd leave you with some photos of the juveniles in our garden and maybe a parent bird or two.

    One of the cutie-pie Great Tits;     two are quite independent and now able to help themselves to suet pellets and live mealworms, this youngster came very close as they have no real fear yet although do know the alarm call when a Sparrowhawk calls by  !  

    a picture paints a thousand words   lol        

    the new batch of live mealies is going down rather fast with all the young around 

    who's a clever juvie then  ! 

    this little beauty came for a bathe last night  (taken through window)

    this was very dark as the BT was in the plum tree but it did make me smile when I saw that cute little face !! 

    think these are two female BT's rather than a pair as there was a bit of argie-bargie about food !     

    still waiting for the Jay babes to arrive ……….. 

    and this fellow was back again ……..

    not seen any of Dinky's offspring either 

    this dunnock was pretty much obscured by shrubs but seeing a bit of red around the gape I wondered if it was a juvenile ?

    I haven't seen the robin juvenile for a few days so in hiding or seeking different territory as it was an older juvie.

    and although this is on the 2018 young thread,  it is our first Coal Tit juvenile this year

    Ok folks, that's it for a while, have a great summer everyone and I'll see some of you at Leighton Moss in just under two weeks time :)

  • It is a very cute one in the plum tree! I'm not seeing many yet, just a glimpse or two of young BT's and GT's. Hopefully more will arrive soon. Have a good summer and see you later

  • What fabulous pics Hazy, those youngsters are just so cute.   Love them all.   I haven't seen any of the tit family in the garden yet so glad to see all of yours.   Have a lovely time in LM and be good to see you back later on in the year.

  • Brilliant photos Hazel

  • What a lot of cuties, Hazel!  Have a lovely rest from the Forum and see you at LM!