My mealworm eaters


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My mealworm eaters

  • I know that dried mealworm isn't too popular but here are a few of the garden birds here enjoying themselves

     This female blackbird will send off as many of the sparrows as she can, and even her mate if need be.

     Through the window, just liked the colour of this male sparrow.

    The Starling appeared from nowhere

    I think in this dry weather any food is acceptable, saying that,  we have now had a shower so maybe tomorrow the blackbirds at least will be able to find their own food.

  • Well your birds seem to like the dried mealworms alright. Do you soak them first to make them a bit more appetising?

  • I suppose some birds must eat them or no-one would be able to sell them. Perhaps those not used to live ones aren't so quick to turn their beaks up at the dried ones!

    I should point out I have no experience using either...

  • Hi TJ, yes I soak them first of all, they would blow away otherwise, once soaked they seem much more substantial, and though I'm sure the live are much more appetising for the birds they can't get enough of these at the moment.  

    Nigel I can just imagine the number of birds I would have if I put out live worm, they have to be the better option really, but with the rock hard ground that we had before it rained I felt sorry for the blackbirds, robins etc., the only trouble now is they are expecting food each time they spot me in the kitchen window:-)

  • Nice set of photos Gaynor, the Starlings and Blackbirds will snap up soaked mealworms in my garden too.

  • Hi Gaynor I've just seen on twitter that it's reported there is a Snowy Owl on Anglesey

  • Cheers Alan, I will have to look up the local site quickly.   There were two Orca passing South Stack last week that I only read about a couple of days afterwards.

  • Found it, what a huge bird, still there in Amlwch it seems, of course it would be when I have my grandson sleeping over, I could have legged it over there in the morning otherwise.   Might just try anyway!!

  • all my birds seem to like the dried variety, as well as the feeding stations I put some on a earth fill seed growing tray, the great tits favor that I think they like rooting in the soil.

  • gaynorsl
    Might just try anyway!!

    Did you make it Gaynor ... tell Grandson that it's part of his 30 days Wild challenge! Lol

  • No Wendy, it was pouring down for most of the morning.   I looked online and saw it was there at 7.40a.m. but then someone said it had moved.  I think this Grandson would have been really happy to go, he is seven and pretty adventurous.   Blow the weather......I haven't looked today for news, funnily enough I saw an Owl last night up on the TPole in the garden that the Buzzard used.   A dark shape against the sky, it flew down the other side of hedge, I popped out and there it was on the fence post, saw my movement and flew across the field.  A tawny Owl I think, not big enough for Barn.   Will be keeping an eye out again tonight.

  • Thanks Anthony, that is an idea, putting out a seed tray, you can move it around where you want, mmmm I might try that.