today before it rained


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today before it rained

  • Sweet dreams

    Digging for gold

    Now that's a proper dust bath

    I didn't realise they would be so vigorous!!

    Phew peace at last

    Along came the rest of the family.

    Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

  • Sparrows do like a good dust bath. I don't think I've seen other species do it. That's a lovely cute and fluffy family you've got there, Gaynor.

  • You can't beat a family of Spadgers for entertainment.

  • A really nice series of photos, especially showing the whole family lined up. Dust bathing is almost as much fun to watch as ordinary bathing … or to do, judging by the relish the birds do it with. 

    Sparrows do like a good dust bath. I don't think I've seen other species do it.

    I've hardly ever seen it either, but was lucky enough to find a Wren dust bathing on a gravel path earlier in the year. It was so enthusiastic I couldn't freeze the action!

  • Thanks all, they were back today but I don't think the earth was as dusty for them.

    That's a cracking photo Nigel, looks like a spinning top.

  • Catching up with your cuties Gaynor, surprisingly not seen more than two baby Spadgers at mine so far but not so much time to look out this year ... have never witnessed dust-bathing in garden either but did get some lovely footage one year in pub gravelly car park!  

  • Lovely shots Gaynor they sure do enjoy a good dust bath.

  • Thanks Wendy and Alan, yes the Sparrows have been breeding well it seems, and the young have cottoned on to the pastry already.