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From this week

  • Many of these could go on various threads, but I'll lump them together.

    If anyone remembers the Psychedelic Grebes from last year, well, they're back. At least a pair have made a nest in the same spot. Is it the same pair? Who knows, but I like to think it is, especially as two birds have been hanging around this spot all winter, as if guarding territory.

    Just a few yards away and in plain view of a public footpath and just feet away from where dogs jump in the water, they seem completely unfazed by all. Last year, the nest had failed by the beginning the June. This year, they started much later. I hope there's an egg or two under there and that they are more successful this year.

    It's hard work though and cramp sets in if you don't have a good stretch every now and again


    I find Meadow Browns quite flighty and difficult to catch on film, so I was pleased with this full frontal, with a fairly uncluttered background


    I also got this Small Heath, dwarfed by the enormous Ox-eye Daisy it's on.

    There is a local park that has three Tern islands. Last year, they had become unhitched and remained unused. I'm glad to say this year, they were relocated and have been very successful. Maybe 12 adults with several chicks. I didn't expect to find a fledgling on the grass through.

    Never seen one so close before. It let me know how close I was allowed and providing I didn't press it let me take photos to my hearts content.

    It could fly a bit although it still doesn't have much of a tail and it will be a while before it is as aerobatic as its parents

    Elsewhere, I went to see if the Pied Flycatcher that I saw a month ago, was still around. A friendly Robin kept me amused while I waited

    Almost as friendly as the LM ones! However, it wasn't long before the main attraction showed up.

    So glad it is still around, although it was much darker under the trees than it appears here.

    The female was also around but didn't pose for me like the male did

    Such a lovely bird that I hardly ever see, so I'll finish on that high.

  • A lovely set Nige, some of which I have never seen.

  • Nice set Nige, lovely confiding Tern fledgling and a great Pied Flycatcher, only photographed the female, so we have a set between us :-) You'll keep us updated on the nesting Grebes?

  • Thanks both

    The Flycatcher is a real rarity for me, so it is great to see it is hanging around.

    You'll keep us updated on the nesting Grebes?

    I'm not sure when they started laying, so I don't know the expected hatching date, but I'll certainly let you know if I spot the little humbugs … besides I can't not take photos of grebes when they're so close!

  • Lovely photos Nigel, I haven't seen those birds before either so thanks for posting.   I saw a few butterflies while out today but they just never seem to settle so no photos, hope your Grebes do bring up young and then we can view them with you.