Juvenile Jays revisited !


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Juvenile Jays revisited !

  • We have at least three juvenile Jays that have recently arrived in the garden and today with the hot weather they were enjoying the waterfall area;    being young they are not too shy so I was able to place my chair close to the edge of the pond whilst waiting for them to return to the water area.

    I think Jays are one of the most attractive birds, full of expression, beautiful eye colouring which can vary and striking plumage which is quite orange on some of the juveniles. 

    Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did photographing them  !    A lot of photos but I make no apologies for it as I can't resist these birds   ;)


  • Absolutely gorgeous set of photos, Hazel. Adult Jays are one of my favourite birds but the youngsters are even more endearing. Never have too many photos like that.

  • TJ, Agree completely!

    Hazel, Wonderful photos!  In some the Juvies look a bit puzzled by this odd thing, water.

  • Thanks Tony and Ann,   the juveniles are in and out throughout the day so as always camera to hand and couldn't resist taking a few more whilst I have the opportunity and they are fearless of humans !

    Poor adult Jay was being pestered for food by two of the juveniles ………..

    the parent bird raised it's crest -maybe in exasperation    LOL 

    some mothers do 'ave  'em   

    found a couple more showing the harassed parent   lol ….

  • Brilliant photos Hazel, love the punk hairdos of the youngsters.

  • Cheers Alan,   wondering if you have any pastry to spare as I'm going through kilos of it  lol

  • Wow Hazy they can't get enough of your pastry, stuffing their mouths full and even rolling in it!!!!   They are beautiful looking birds and thanks for showing us such close up pics, what a treat.

  • Fabulous photos Hazy, I agree that they are such beautiful birds & your photos show them at their best. I'm still very envious of your water feature, our pond is still half dug but at least the weeds are providing food for the birds & insects!

  • Looking forward to photos of your pond too Hazel, even half way through would be good, love to see other people's ideas in the garden:-)  

  • Lovely additions Hazel, sadly no spare pastry to send you I'm making over 2 Kilos a day.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. I love their spikey hair styles. Methinks you are spoiling them rotten with all that pastry.

  • Thanks everyone,  at least 6 Jays were here an hour ago which I saw in one group,  I think both the parents and 4 juveniles so they did well with their breeding season again this year.   I notice the parents have stopped feeding them even though they beg for food;  they will beak butt them away although one particular juvenile is very good at looking after itself already.  

    I will try take pics of the pond area for you Gaynor,  I'm currently trying to distract myself from severe root canal pain  !   Earliest appointment I can get is Wednesday as my dentist is away on holiday till 30th July  and it's murder having to wait even till Wednesday for treatment via his colleague in same practice with such raw nerve pain - waaaghhh !    I hate taking any sort of medication but on pharmacists recommendation I am taking 400mg ibuprofen day/night which only just about settles it down to coping level and  I'm not a wuss when it comes to pain !    I need another distraction so I'll grab the camera and some shots of the pond area !

  • Hazel, Sorry to hear you have tooth troubles.  Roll on Wednesday.  Dentists should not be allowed to take holidays--lol!

  • Thanks Ann,  roll on Wednesday, never thought I'd be pleased to go to the dentist  lol  

    @ Gaynor,   I took a few quick pics of the pond area but it's almost too sunny out there - never thought I would say too much light for the camera  lol

    Here are a few before and after pics to show you the difference …




  • Thanks Hazy, it was a work of art methinks.   Just love all the planting you have done, ferns, grasses etc., beautiful.

    Hang on in there, toothache is horrid, I feel for you.   Is there no emergency dentist in your area?