Few from garden - couple of additions from today also


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
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Few from garden - couple of additions from today also

  • Young sparrow

    Looking for baby, I did see it being fed but too slow to capture it  this is another Robin not Titch worse luck:-)

    Dad and new youngster

    Fine figure of a male blackbird trying his best to quench the appetite of this one

    More Dad, come on you can do it.

    All for now


  • Did we decide that Titch is a female? If so, she might well be building another nest and that could be her mate.

  • So lovely to see the youngsters in your garden Gaynor and beautiful photos of them, the blackbird looks freshly fledged, bless it !    I see Titch has his work cut out with another robin in his territory lol

  • gaynorsl

    Young sparrow

    More Dad, come on you can do it.

    All for now


    Superb photos, but I have to say my favourite two are the sparrow in the bowl (which reminds me of the juvenile goldfinch that frequents our our fountain) and the begging youngster

  • Lovely to see all the youngsters in your garden Gaynor, it's been a good year for Blackbirds in my garden.

  • Thanks all, this weather has brought the blackbirds in for any food they can pick up, the ground is that hard they won't be able to forage for worms etc.  MC I think Titch is male, when the two Robins meet they always send each other away, they can be quite aggressive.

  • Good to see all your youngsters, Gaynor. Always pestering their parents for food.

    That's a very smart looking water bowl.

  • Great captures Gaynor, no baby BB's here even though been feeding quite a number of adults this year & no baby Robins either ... quite relieved in a way though as frequent visits from two young female cats!!

  • Thanks TJ, don't mind the Blackbirds and Robins but the noisy Jackdaws mean when you sit out in the garden you need earplugs:-)   Yes the water bowl was a pressie last year from Grandson and Mum, very pretty.  Wendy I thought you might have been lucky with that Robin you were feeding, I'd get out the water pistol to deter the cats if I were you!!

  • Nice to see the youngsters, Gaynor. We've also had a good year for Blackbirds and I know what you mean about the Jackdaws; the youngsters are relentless when crying to be fed.

  •  Thanks Paul, I tried to help the Mum or Dad today with some food....the photos are underneath!!!!!!!or above as the case might be...first of all some pastry

     then out came the mouli grater and in went the peanuts



    Got to be tougher!!!!

    Swift departure because

    No fish here I'm afraid

    Looking cute but just wanting to continue with the nuts

    When is he going?

    Any moment now

    If I hadn't seen the seagull leave I would have blamed the cat from next door!!!

  • Great photos and sequence Gaynor and lovely to see the young Jackdaws, the parents are always so patient with them.    I've heard of upsetting the apple cart but not the flower cart  lol    naughty Gull !