Evening frolic:-)


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Evening frolic:-)

  • Usually the sheep's field, these turned up and the lambs beat a hasty retreat to the next field

    just checking where is Mum

    come on its good down here

    No wonder I can't take birds in flight, I couldn't catch up with these two either!!

    See what I mean!!!!!

    Uh oh Mum's watching

    Just as if she has been saying, I've been looking for you two

    All present and correct

    Next time I looked they had disappeared and the sheep were happily grazing again.

    Just felt I needed a grin!!!

  • LOL Gaynor,  great sequence,   those two youngsters look full of mischief and not surprised they scattered the lambs  !    They must have thought the grass looked greener on the other side    lol    

  • LOL Hazy, there isn't much green grass around to be fair!!!     How is your tooth problem?  tomorrow will soon be here.  I'm watching tennis fairly regularly at the mo., giving my foot time to heal, stitches out week Thursday.  Needed a distraction hence the photos last night:-)

  • Super pics Gaynor, have I missed something re your foot?

  • Well not much Wendy, just a bone removed from underneath toe on my left foot, hopefully will let me walk without pain once stitches out.  It's been a pain (literally) for ages now, my fault, should have got it seen to long ago but you know how it is.   I don't like moaning as everyone has something to put up with.

  • Hope you heal quickly Gaynor & can walk without pain very soon! Disregarding others, it's your pain & fully entitled to moan about it! Lol

  • Lovely photos of the calves having fun in the grass and sunshine. It is good to see them romp about. Hope the foot is better soon, and walking will be much easier. Thinking of Hazel tomorrow, I also am having root canal tomorrow at 2.45!

  • Lovely shots of the wee Coo's, Gaynor. Sorry to hear of everyones aches and pains but if it makes you feel any better, I'm feeling fine.!! ;)

  • Very amoosing!

  • Thank you all, I'm feeling a lot better now laughing at you lot!!! Catlady you have my best wishes for tomorrow, you can bet worrying about it is worse than the actual procedure:-)  Good luck to both you and Hazy.  

  • Catlady
    Thinking of Hazel tomorrow, I also am having root canal tomorrow at 2.45!

        Good luck Catlady,  I'll be in the chair at 9am and sooner the better although for some reason the pain level has gone down,  must be fear   LOL      - hope your procedure goes well and we can compare notes once we are done and dusted   !!

    Glad the toe is healing Gaynor and that once healed you will be walking without any pain.   They make us tough in the North   lol 

  • Wishing you well CL & aitch, will be with you in spirit, just glad it's not me!!

  • Well done Gaynor, practice makes perfect lol.

    If you know the farmer you want to ask him if he has any Owls knocking about.

    Good luck to CL and Hazel

  • Alan they could easily have owls nesting in their barns.   The buildings etc are pretty old.   I used to go down to the farm when the kids were young to buy fresh eggs etc so know them pretty well.  Could be where the owl I saw earlier this year perching on the T.Pole in the back garden lives.