Catching up!


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Catching up!

  • Hi all, sorry I have not posted in a while, I haven't forgotten my forum friends -I've had a busy few weeks -collecting my son from uni (he's finished his degree now so I ended up doing several trips to bring all his stuff down and not to mention the 8 bags of washing to get through,lol). I have also been planning my wedding ( 2 weeks time)-after 14 yrs together we decided to make it legal,I'm not the type of person who likes to be centre of attention or a lot of fuss,so it's going to be a small registry office ceremony,then a meal at 15 (Jamie Oliver's at Watergate Bay). Hopefully the weather will stay nice enough for the photographer to get some half decent shots! In between looking for outfits/flowers etc,I have managed to get out and about,mainly in the afternoons/evenings so here's a catch up

    I've mainly spent my time watching the progress of the Peregrine family -you may remember me posting a photo of the nest with eggs?

    well 2 gorgeous chicks hatched -being fed a Blackbird by mum 

    week later they are more adventurous,parents are providing good amounts of food 

    and these were taken at the weekend - just over 4 weeks old,it's surprising how long they get left on the nest alone but I suspect one of the parents is not too far away 

    along this stretch of coastline another pair of peregrine have 2 young who are fledged-I spent ages watching them swooping and teaching them to hunt before they rested on the cliff 

    and the Kestrel nest I watch every year has 2 young -one was too wary to come out and kept calling for food 

    the other sibling got the Lizard treat

    a pair of swallow are nesting around this area and like to rest on this fence 

    and I wondered why this Pipit was looking worried, I unknowingly got too close to it's youngster in the grass, I moved onto the path took a quick photo and then left Mum/Dad to feed it this tasty Grasshopper 

    and lastly a gorgeous Chough at Holywell Bay, Newquay 

    Best wishes, Jayne 

  • Brilliant set Jayne and many congrats on your forthcoming wedding, certainly a busy time for you and agree about not wanting a fuss, Mike and I had a simple ceremony at a Hampshire Registry office 38 years ago with 9 family guests to our wedding and lunchtime meal in a local restaurant and my work colleagues attending a buffet in the evening at our home,  it was a quiet do but suited us perfectly so enjoy your special day when it arrives and I'm sure this weather will last till then.     Congrats to your son as well on completing his Uni degree and tell him first lesson at home is  "how to use a washing machine"    lol  

  • Lovely set of shots as always, Jayne. Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding. :-)

  • Thanks Hazel and Paul- sounds like a perfect day Hazel,we planned to wait until my son and his girlfriend finished their studies so they had no pressure of dissertations etc.They are both going on to do their masters but my son will be living back at home for the year so no excuse not to learn laundry skills!


  • Good to hear from you again Jayne. Beautiful photos as usual. Many congratulations on the soon to be wedding. Its your day, so have and do what you both want to and enjoy the day. I always remember my minister saying to me, enjoy the day as it goes past in a flash. You have all the prep prior to the church/ registry office, the photos, meal and evening reception, you are here, there and all over the place. I made a point of taking it all in, and after 34 years, next week, can still remember the day.

  • Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding and on your so obtaining his degree, though I think that you still have a few year's of his washing to do. My experience is that a degree is only a precursor to the qualifications needed to operate a washing machine, several year s of learning to go on that one :). Lovely photos as ever  but are they really Peregrine fledglings resting on the cliff face :).

  • Congratulations on your up-coming wedding from me, too, and to your son on his degree.  And thanks for more lovely photos!

  • Congratulations Jayne both to you and your son! Lovely shot photos, I particularly like the set of the Peregrines, really shows off the chicks' feather transitions with age.

  • Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, Jayne, and of course to your son on completing his degree.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your lovely photos when you must be so busy preparing for the big day.

    Great shots of the Peregrines and the young Kestrels. Always good to see the Chough.

  • Very nice and many congratulations on your forthcoming wedding Jayne, and I hope you all have beautiful day.

  • Very many congratulations Jayne and hope you have a fabulous Wedding Day.   Well done to your son too on getting his Degree.   My daughter recently married in her University as she had enjoyed herself there when she did her degree a couple of years ago! when she was a mature student.  An informal affair and really lovely.   Catlady has it right, enjoy the moment and remember the Day.

    Fabulous photos, love the Chough and the Kestrel.