Badger bathtime


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Badger bathtime

  • This amused me, taken last night

  • LOL that is brilliant Min, do you have anything bigger for it to use?

  • Yes Alan we have already put a large washing up bowl out beside the drinking bowl

  • Oh that is so funny Min, reckon Badgie could do with one of the old tin baths! Do hope you get more captures!

  • Lovely, lovely Min, poor fellow he is so trying his best to get in that bowl. Hope he comes to the big bath for you, that would be great to view. Good luck.

  • Excellent.

    You don't think of badgers as water lovers (well I don't), but there a prog on tele years ago, wasn't there, about a wildlife hospital where they built the badgers a big bath/pool and they took to it immediately.

  • Missed that Nige, can you find us a link?

  • Nope! I can't even find the series let alone the episode as I can't remember what it was called. The only reason I know is because it was repeated in the mornings a few months ago and I caught one or two, including the badger bath! The original was probably years old.

  • Just come across this delightful footage ...

  • That is cute Wendy, he was having a right old scratch, brush up and bath!