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  • A few photos taken at home around the garden of our resident species and a local Buzzard who got in on the act  !

    The birds need no introducing as you'll know what they are

    there were a lot of juveniles today, all eager to use the blue plastic tub which I had filled with water and rocks for perches and also enjoying the range of treats on offer from live mealworms, suet and sunflower hearts to homemade pastry !

    whole nuts are back on the menu now the chicks are old enough

    young robin who looks like the Bearded Lady at the moment    lol

    BT was only interested in the pastry with berry suet nibbles

    the youngest robin in the garden !    from 3rd brood no doubt.

    and one of it's parents

    the wren was enjoying the sun and warmth of the log and had its eyes closed half the time although it didn't spread out to sun

    the buzzard was mewing and came within decent range for the 300mm focal length

    and I found this bee wandering on the patio so took it over to to the Purple Loosestrife where it went into pollen action !

    it seemed to enjoy being moved to a more appropriate area !

    think it got drunk and nearly fell off    lol

    then it lost its footing   !      nice legs !

  • Lovely to see all your garden birds Hazy - they are so well looked after in your garden!  My garden is full of young at the moment - most of the adults seem to have disappeared - I expect they are skulking under the hedges most of the time while they get on with their moult!  It seems to have been a particularly good year for young Blue Tits - hordes of them around and also lots of different aged young Robins - some still totally speckled and some with their red breasts coming in like the one in your photo.  All different broods as you say!

  • Lovely shots Hazel I especially like the Buzzard ones, the only time I get them over the garden they are only dots in the sky.

  • Lovely to see your birds Hazy, most look in the need of a new lot of feathers! Not many birds around here now but I did see some Spoonbills on the marshes using the scope, does that count as "seen from the garden" ! LOL

  • Noisette
    Not many birds around here now but I did see some Spoonbills on the marshes using the scope, does that count as "seen from the garden"

        lol,    yes that qualifies although I only count garden birds that land in the garden and although we've had some surprises including the Crossbills lately I can't somehow see a Spoonbill landing in the pond  ..........but you never know   LOL

  • There are plenty birds around for you Hazel. Love the drunk bee! Lovely photos again, but would expect nothing else.

  • A good selection and I like the drunk and confused bee. Wonder if it was a male - they tend to be a bit dopey!!

  • Good that you are still getting a good selection of birds in the garden, Hazel. Not many birds at all in my garden and I've only got one sunflower hearts feeder out at the moment.

    All the birds are looking rather tatty just now as they go through the moult.

  • Lovely set of photos Hazy, so glad to see the tit family as I haven't seen one bird since before the breeding season.   Glad to hear that Christine is also seeing loads of the Tit family around her area.   Lovely Buzzard shots too Hazy.

  • Thanks all,  I took a few more pics this afternoon so once sorted will add them here.   The robins are at all stages of moult and as you say Tony they look pretty tatty;     youngsters are getting their red coat, a few of which are still like new fledglings with only a hint of red !

  • More pics from today:   once again, they need no introduction as you'll know all the species so I'll start with the young G.S. Woodpecker  !

    what a frilly dress   lol 

    the robins are right royal posers    !   as these next few show

    "you sure you got my best side Mrs "    ??

    the buzzard was overhead again but this time more distant so not the best detail

    lots of Woodpigeons around at the moment

  • You certainly have got some posers amongst your robins!!

  • I love the colours of the Woodpigeons Hazy. Still not much here except the Black Redstarts. All the rest have desrted for the woods I think. It's 35+ again today! I've got water out for the birds but not much I can do otherwise.

  • Thanks Hazel,  the Woodpigeons do have that lovely pinkish blush to their chest.  There are a lot around at the moment but I'd love the Black Redstart in the garden  lol    Best I can hope for is seeing a Common Redstart in Derbyshire when we go tomorrow again with Jim but no sign of the last week or the Wheatears.  Will still be a nice walk even if we don't see much.       Sunny, blue sky in the main and 26 degrees in shade here.

  • Yet more gorgeous photos of your garden birds, Hazel--thanks for posting.  I love all the Robins and Tits and the Wren is so sweet.  What happened to your holiday from the Forum this summer?!  In the late afternoon we sat out in the shade in the garden.  It was still 28 in the shade but there was a bit of a breeze.  There were lots of birds in evidence--a crowd of 6 or 8 LTTs mixed with various other Tits flew in to see what was on offer as well as a couple of Robins, a Blackbird, a couple of Chaffinches and a Squirrel, not forgetting the Collared Doves and Wood Pigeons.  One Robin nearly sat on my head before realising I was not a tree.  In the mornings I often see Jackdaws, a Jay or two and a Magpie or two as well.  It must have something to do with having food available and water.

    Enjoy your walk tomorrow.