Hoggies & earlybirds on my garden trailcam!


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Hoggies & earlybirds on my garden trailcam!

  • Kick off this thread with vid of three Hoggies last night  (same as already posted on Mammals thread) ...


    These early morn visitors I never get to see in the flesh ...


    Robin not the first today as he doesn't like sharing, especially with the dear little Spadger youngsters!

  • Great quality Wendy, it could turn out to be your best buy/prezzie.

  • Thanks D, am thrilled with it, was well worth waiting for!

  • Just downloaded this from my camera, captured a colour one as I checked moth trap @ 00.56 this morning ...

  • Oh for a camera with this resolution ... just had to post this link which I saw on my  local reserve FB page ... www.nationalgeographic.com/.../tiny-pygmy-seahorse-discovered-japan-news

  • Wendy, fabulous footage you got there.

    I'm guessing that you have the Bushnell Natureview cam?

    I have one, and the quality is superb. I've to upload some videos, once I have, I'll post the links in the video thread.

  • Hi Mike, yes it's a good'un alright, only had it a few days so still playing ... Have you got the live view one?  That small hand-held screen is such a boon!

    Will watch out for your vids!

  • I like the bit-part actor who comes in from the left, screams and struts off again!

  • Lol Nige, think he's protesting cos I forgot to soak his raisins!

  • Had to laugh Wendy, was almost posting, what am I looking for? I was looking at the last picture, I was not seeing the wood for the trees! I am looking up and down the tree trunk, all around the pot, seeing all the greenery and wondering what the little light was to the left! Only the eye of the hoggie that was staring me in the face!! Doh.

  • Lol CL, good camouflage eh?

  • Hope you have lots of fun with your new bit of kit Wendy-the image quality is very good.Great to see the hedgehogs munching away-and your early garden visitors.Looking forward to some more footage, I'm sure you'll be hooked before too long!


  • Thanks Jayne, hoping study of Hoggies & earlybirds is going to become a long-term project & be a boon to me during winter!  Cam is reputed to be rain & snow proof & good at temps down to -5°C ... we shall see!

    Another bonus point is that my kitchen window looks onto same view as cam is recording now!

  • Record of visits night of 17th/18th Aug 2018 ... lots of sighting so a big file ... be OK for a rainy day or long dark Winter night! Lol


  • Lovely to have them visit for you, especially as they are so rare to see theses days.