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Pennington Flash

  • Took a drive out to Pennington Flash today in the hope of spotting a Kingfisher;    after hours of only brief fly-pasts and very distant view of one preening quarter mile away  lol    we were eventually rewarded when we remained patient until near the time we were just about to leave !      Unfortunately the KF's were not fishing.

    not sure if this is a juvenile ?;  it seems to have pale feet in some photos

    the weather was mixed, one minute very heavy cloud cover and the next mixed blue sky/cloud and sunshine

    then the adult flew in chasing the juvie away !

    It was breezy too !!

    by now the cloud was heavier so I didn't get any better pics. 

    I took too many pics - as you do when you see a Kingfisher or two so better stop here    lol

  • Definitely not too many pics, Hazel!  If you've nothing better to do you could always add a few more, please--lol!

  • What a lovely King fest, Hazel. Never have too many photos of those gorgeous birds. Funnily enough, I got a couple of pictures of one this afternoon. I think this time of year is a good time to see them. I'll save mine for the end of month best pics.

  • I second that!!!   You have even captured the cobwebs Hazy.   What a little cutie:-)

  • Glad you managed to catch them. The last couple of times I've been they were there but wouldn't come close enough to photograph. Did you spot the tame Oystercatcher begging for bread in the car park? It's still there!

  • Beautiful captures aitch!

  • Lovely shots Hazel I miss seeing mine.

  • Thanks everyone,  it was probably the closest I've seen Kingfishers but had to wait almost 4 hours to get these pics, as Nigel says, they sometimes don't come close enough to the front perches so just had to sit it out for a while.  

    @ Tony,  interesting you managed to see a KF too and look forward to your pics at the end of the month.  

    @ Ann, the pics are pretty much the same pose so won't bore you with any more right now, it was a joy to watch them finally come close.

    @ Gaynor,   cobwebs were a bonus but it was dull a lot of the time so they didn't sparkle !

    @ Nigel, no I didn't notice the Oyc in the car park as Mike parked up whilst I went to the club house to buy a parking permit !  

    @ Alan,  hope the water levels are picking up at your KF patch and that they return soon,   I miss the photos you took.   

    I'll try add some more pics from yesterday shortly........... may as well put them here than start a new thread.

    I found a few more in different pose for Ann !!   lol

  • I like the thoughtful third shot Hazy:-)

  • A few different birds and a butterfly from Pennington Flash yesterday ......

    Red Admiral butterfly ....    

    Little Grebe

    Pair of Shoveler ducks

    The Lollipops were chirruping their way along the tree line ..

    bit blurry but  I liked this youngster peeping out    lol

    Pair of Canada's constantly "honking" their way round the pool 

    Grey Heron

    Pair of Gadwall

    Not sure what the next species is ?

    Heron in the top of a tree

  • Lovely additions Hazy, the peeping LTT has to be favourite, but I can't help liking the Little Grebe, I didn't realise how small they are until seeing a pair was it last year over at the Spinnies.  

  • Thanks Gaynor,   you remind me that I've still got "The Spinnies" on my to visit list !   so many places still to explore !

  • You certainly were rewarded, even although you had to wait 4 hours! Love the peeping Lollypop!

  • Thanks, Hazel, for the added photos.  Love the new Kingies, and like Gaynor and Catlady, I love the sweet LTT peeking out at you from the greenery.  Gadwalls are one of my favourites, too; they have such beautiful feathers.

  • We have been very lucky in recent months in that one of the three local rivers is very convenient set up with easy footpaths that even my old bones can caterer with. Even better still it has at least two resident pairs of Kingfishers who are quite active most days and one pair seem to like a stretch along the front of a local pub so even non birders take a great interest while enjoying a pint of Yorkshire's best, win win situation.