Waxwings - at last!!


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Waxwings - at last!!

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I hope you will indulge with me as I don't have a question just something to share!!

For the last couple of weeks, there have been reports of sightings flocks of Waxwings 200 strong in the town I live but I've not been able to track then down. In the morning I managed to see a small group of 10 and thought my luck was in, however, walking up to the town later a came across a group of about 90 birds - in the middle of a residential area. It was truely amazing to see and hear them. All I  had with me was my very old phone and managed to take this terrible picture but it will be one I will always treasure.

Thanks for listening!



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  • Hi Jeff

    I'll settle for one down this part of the world. Seeing this lot must have been wonderful.



  • Thanks Jeff. What a terrific photographic record of your sighting. Thanks for showing us. I am still waiting to see one this winter.

  • Hi Jeff

    Well done on seeing some waxwings at last the picture using your phone may not be the best but the reminder it will give of a great site will make up for that 10 fold. My first shots of my first ever waxwings were not special to look at but meant loads to me, Aiki told me I would see more once I had my first sighting and she was right I saw more the next day and got better pictures then. Moral of that story take youe camera if you decide to go back and check the trees out again ,and good luck if you do :o)


    P.S good luck to all of you still waiting 

  • That must have been an amazing sight and well done on getting a photo.

    I must be one of the few people left in the UK who have not seen a waxwing this winter. (Thanks for the kind wishes Shane). To see 90 is fantastic, thank you for sharing it with those of us who are feeling very deprived. LOL.


  • Hi Jeff

    You can indulge all you like here {big smile}

    Oh you lucky thing - I am sooo jealous!

    Having 200 or 10 Waxwings in a tree is a very lucky omen.  It does not matter how you get that 'special' photo - it is catching the moment.  So now you can look back on the occasion and remember it for the rest of your life

    We are still waiting for our one or more Waxwings yet and we long to see one in our own area.  A walk about would help matters and no doubt we will be impulsive enough to do that yet!

    Thank you for your good wishes, Shane.  Will take out the camera each time I go for a daytime walk now just incase a waxwing appears somewhere


    Kathy and Dave

  • Hi Jeff

    Any more luck with the Waxings at all in your area?

    Are they still around at the moment?


    Kathy and Dave

  • Wow!! That's a fair few waxwings!! Saw my first ever waxwing (alone!) just before Xmas which made my day!!

  • We are not really bird watchers or twitchers  but just wanted to share the fact that we sighted about thirty waxwings this morning at about 8.30 and they returned again around eleven thirty.  They are in the oak trees on the bridle way behind our house in Sandy. 

  • Hi JeffG

    Well done you! I know exactly how you feel about seeing a bird you've never seen before, even though I haven't seen a waxwing yet.

    If it's nice over the coming weekend, I hope to track some down. :-)

  • Well done Jeff. Saw my first waxwings on New Years Day and managed a pic despite poor light:

  • Kathy and Dave,

    Sighting reports show that there are still Waxwings in this area - I live on the London/Essex border - I'm hoping to catch sight of some more this weekend.






  • Very jealous!!!

    I was so hoping to see some! My partner and I thought we might have seen one in its first winter plumage, but it flew by us so fast we couldn't be sure! 

    I'm still holding out hope!

    Must have been brilliant to see them!


  • Brilliant .  So glad you finally got to see them.


  • I know the feeling!

    I finally saw a flock of a dozen waxwings today in Billingshurst, West Sussex. Obviously this was at a time when I wasn't looking for them, didn't expect to see them and didn't have either camera or binoculars!  

  • Oooo Jealous!! I thought I saw one outside work a while back, but I haven't  'ticked it off'  because it was only brief and sitting at my desk by the time I'd pressed myself up against the window it had gone!