Starlings again


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Starlings again

  • Talking about starlings the other day reminded me of some shots I took a few years ago in the viewing area at, of all places, Manchester Airport. 

    I had taken my son to photograph aircraft but the presence of a fast food stand ensured the presence of a surprising number of cheeky starlings. I thought you might like these.

  • I get quite a few in the garden, but not looking like that, well done, it's the constant talking to each other that amuses me.

  • doggie

    They are stunning birds with a brilliant range of colours, lovely photos.

    And not given to sharing as this vid from yesterday shows....

    Liked your Starling pics SG - show lovely markings

  • Hi see gull, Im based at Manchester Airport with work and when I go to greggs or spa at arrivals terminal 2, theres always starlings about! Wonder if I should try to convince the airport to put up some nest boxes up!

  • Lol Wendy, crossed with your post.   You can almost see the dove saying "I'll  just get this little bit while he's not looking"!!

  • Brilliant video wendy! Starlings are so bossy!! And they poo in the food sometimes, much to my annoyance!!

    Collard doves are so comical! They so soft they couldn't say boo to a goose lol....

  • Thanks for your comments - Jason, if I were a collared dove I don't think I'd say boo to a goose - a wren, maybe lol

  • Beautiful photographs! We have a lot of Starlings here, almost 3 dozen in the garden ( I counted ). They sit on the phone cables and wait for me to appear with food. As soon as one spots me he/she announces it to all the others, its quite funny.