Wildlife on the Gironde estuary


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Wildlife on the Gironde estuary

  • well done Hazel,  a very good job well done indeed and agree with everyone's comments.  Wonderful pics and story  

  • TeeJay
    Will the Stork chicks eventually be released into the wild?

    They will be released & I want to try & get them brought back to be released from the nest area, but I'm not sure if it will be possible. I must get onto it!

  • HAZY
    Wonderful pics

    The chick pics were Dominiques as my camera was a chunk too much to carry!

  • Great job well done, Hazel!  (Loud applause!)

  • Two amazing stories Hazel, no wonder you haven't posted for a while, you have been hard at it saving the birds, very well done, lovely to hear that people care and more power to your elbow as they say.  Just gorgeous chicks and very lucky too by the look of that huge machine heading their way.   The farmers too deserve a thank you for letting you in their fields, many wouldn't.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments. These stories aren't exceptional, there are others doing the same thing day in day out. A lot of farmers actively work with Dominique & put up posts for the harriers to perch on so she knows they are in the area, & tell her when they see a couple. They don't get any financial compensation but the harriers are a big benefit to them because they eat a lot of mice & control their population! I don't think 3m2 of wheat will cost them much! In the north of our area they do much the same thing but capture the chicks & hand rear them in a rescue centre, but I don't think that is so good although less losses due to predation.

  • Such marvellous actions from both you & Dominique to save these precious creatures & so good to hear of the helpful cooperation from all the others!

    I well remember you telling us about Dominique's trials & tribulations during the Breagha saga ... Please say a big thank you from me for her efforts!

  • What a fantastic job Dominique and your good self have done Hazel. Great story and very nice to see the farmers co-operating.

  • I thought it was high time I did an update on this thread.

    Firstly the baby Storks grew up & were released in the area around the rescue centre so they culd do a partial release with food being provided until they could fend for themselves. I need to get an update from them again though but I'm sure that all went well.

    There were mixed results from the Montagues Harriers , two of the nests had 2 chicks which went to full term & flew. The third nest was odd in that the parents abandoned the nest eventually & the eggs were partially broken, one fertilised & one not, so a problem there. These are some of the photos that Dominique took,

    the protection after the harvester had past on 26 june

    the more advanced chick on the same day

    & 2 tiddlers in the other nest

    & finally the eggs, unhatched

    The lack of nesting birds was a big disappointement for Dominique who is used to saving at least 8/10 nests but the number of nesting birds is generally related to food supply, & this year was also a bad year for the local Storks, so perhaps it was a general shortage.

    Locally we had nesting Purple Herons, but again, less than normal. The big colony moved & we didn't know where, this is one of the adults we did see,

    We also had a couple of Red Kites around at the end of August which was a real treat as we don't see them apart from on migration

    Will try & get a few more birds now the moth & butterfly season is slowing down! We are off counting Stone Curlews again next week so maybe a few shots of them if I get a chance.

  • Sad to hear you have had a bad year with nesting birds and food supply.   Good to know the Storks did well though Hazel, well done to all involved.   Lovely pics of the Purple Heron and the Red Kites too, hope you get to see plenty of Stone Curlews.

  •  Sorry to hear some of the nests failed Hazel as you say, quite likely from probable lack of sufficient food source although pleased to hear that two MH set of chicks fledged successfully.   Lovely to see the P.Herons too and the Kites overhead;    hope you get a good count of stone curlews and look forward to any pics you may get.  

  • We had a good morning out counting Stone Curlews. The weather was kind so didn't need wellies or coats but a bit dull for photos. There are 2 in-flights well-cropped & a shot of the patch after they have landed (spot the bird cometition) LOL

    There weren't many at this spot, but around 600 for the morning in 6 different areas, so not too bad.

  • What diverse lives we lead ... I went to the tip, not a lot of Stone Curlews there ! Lol

    But we have had one at Pegwell Bay for about three weeks!

    Love those flight shots H!

  • Hi Hazel, thanks for the photos, always nice to see something extra special and glad to hear you got a good count for the Stone Curlews and that the weather behaved itself.   I'll probably be needing my Wellies and maybe use of a lifeboat on Wednesday here in Cumbria   lol  

  • Oh dear Hazy. We've got 2 weeks sunshine forecast, which is not what the farmers want now. Good for me though! I've got so many outside jobs to do I can't decide where to start! So i'm going out for the day instead!