Tonight's Moon 2018


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Tonight's Moon 2018

  • My best attempt @ 18.08 this evening as this Supermoon is already clouding over & we have been promised a night of gales & lashing rain!

  • Lovely photo;  weather not much better here Wendy and so cloudy, windy and wet can't even see the moon  lol

  • Shame it’s a full moon you get some shadows when its not a full like tonight and seeing yours Wendy, I just had to have a look and its very clear here so got the camera out and took a few pictures, I will upload one very soon I have not got them on the computer yet.

  • You can just see some crater on the left side.

  • It was like daylight here last night after a stormy day, but still a bit windy for taking photos of the moon, great shots Wendy & Jim!

  • lovely shots well caught

  •  midnight January 1st 2018

  • It certainly was a brilliantly clear moon, once the cloud had dispersed. Here's my photo, grabbed around 22:00hrs

  • Hpe you've got tonight's supermoon Mike!

    I read that it was to be this colour .....

    but in reality was a very much brighter version of this ...

    Couldn't really do it justice, the bright aura around it was brilliant on this very frosty night here!

    Must have been a grand view in US & the rest of the world!!

  • The moonrise today at St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay. 10 minutes between first spot and it climbing behind the clouds. A bit of careful but judicious walking left  on the clifftop.

  • Sadly I am not going out in the rain and it will also be more to the south for me and I don't have a clear shot in that direction :(

  • Dry here, the moon is more brighter tonight

  • Brilliant captures Bob & a wonderful colour ... definitely see man in the moon face in that second pic, pareidolia rules! Lol

  • No great views last night but good to see your photos on here Wendy & Bob. This morning was clear & saw it going down but there was a bit of haze so no good photos either. Talking about haze where is our Hazy? Not seen her post lately!

  • James posted a few days back that she & Mike got some sort of lurgy, must be quite bad to keep her away from here!