Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project 2016


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Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project 2016

  • Another snippet from the BLOG

    Anonymous Nick B (DWT) said...

    Interesting long article on New York's peregrines in December's Bird Watching Magazine out now. It's got a robin on the cover......surprise surprise!

    21 November 2016 at 20:00

  • Diary update

    Re Cameras  info only 4 weeks to go, best enjoy the Christmas New year Wendy before the Vids will have to roll.

  • Thanks for posting this link to latest news Kate!  Looking forward to opportunity to see & record them again, probably have to take laptop to bed to keep up!

  • Fantastic read and piccies, They are such a wonderful Team at Derby.

    20th December update

  • Thanks Kate, can't believe I missed seeing this for so long!!

  • That's disturbing news about the Peregrine in Scotland dying of bird flu.

  • Doh! Alan

    ITV report    stunning picture

  • Very disturbing, will read in detail a bit later!

  • On a lighter note, going back to the Blog,

    love the second picture with them all sorting the ropes except for (Ellie?) young lady on the right, she doing what most young doing these days 'checking her phone'

    Did make me smile.

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