Cornish Barn Owls 2017


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Cornish Barn Owls 2017

  •       *** 2017 ***

    Happy New Year !!!

    Welcome to our little group following the Cornish Barn Owls, hoping for a successful season in 2017.

    We have a couple (female ringed) getting to know each other, no mating yet (that we have seen).

    There was a visit to the barn earlier, didn't stay long, floated out stage right:

    Techie note for newbies:

    The barn cam is still badgering a lot and while it's not the stream is still on-off-on-off - the intermittent sound being the telltale - and there's a huge, variable lag on it.

  • Recovered from badger just in time:

    Big feather-fluff:

    And away:

    A bit later:

  • Morning all

    Scylla thanks for new start and lovely captures.

    Mam in the box but heaven knows what the real time was?

    The contortionist

    and a much better view,

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • 0759 Barn cam empty but nest cam shows  one in box and tuther on Tray

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • Good morning, KATE!

    I still have to check when the male arrived in the window, to see how far sync is out now.

  • Appeared in the window 0742hr:

    Landed on the beam 0817hr:

    On tray 0818hr

    I make that a 36m lag behind the nestcam.

  • Cannot keep my eyes open any longer - I leave you with the news that I haven't seen the badger for quite a while, so I hope you, KATE, SANDRA and WENDY, and anyone else who pops in, will have a complete view all day :-)

  • scylla
    I make that a 36m lag behind the nestcam

    Phew!!! Thanks Scylla, will make a bit more sense now when viewing LS.

    Have a good Rest see you

  • Morning ladies,

    Many thanks for the new thread Scylla and also for the scaps (thank you Kate too!) while I was in 'Dreamland'. Have a good rest.

    EDIT: ENS in the box, male resting on the tray in the barn (there is that time difference between cams though)

  • 11:45 No owls on view in either the barn or nestbox.

  • 12:02 One on the back beam

    It's the female.

    12:06 Moved to the tray

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • There's a time-lag in my house too ... am miles behind all of you bright sparks!!! Lol

    Happy New Year & many thanks for your happy snaps!

  • 13:00 Both on the tray. I didn't see or hear the male appear because of 'badger'.

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • 14:18 Female flew off to the right, middle beam, out of view.

  • Sandra

    14:18 Female flew off to the right, middle beam, out of view.

    Just to show I've been trying ;-)

    But I don't have him leaving, as I've been running an analyser to try to pin down what's wrong with the laptop, basically it's about to catch fire ;-)