Cornish Barn Owls 2017


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Cornish Barn Owls 2017

  • Good morning all.

    Thank you for our 'treat', Scylla :)

    Lovely scaps, Kate, showing the start of courtship? :D

    7:32 One in, one on the tray

    7:37 Both now in the box

    7:44 Head preening

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • 12:21 Both still resting in the box

    There appears to be a time lag with the nest LS as both are preening in the barn at 12:27 but still showing in the nest box

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • Preening session

  • 19:10 Not much reporting from me tonight - looks like the IR lamp has blown


    19:30 IR on now, must be on a timer?

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • Phew!!

  • Are you feeling hot, Wendy? lol

  • Oh ha ha!

  • 22:45 One on the back beam

    23:01 It left the barn

    23:45 All quiet in the barn. Goodnight ladies :)

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • Morning all

    0ne on the side middle beam as I check, not only can I not get sound on this website, I now cannot see Nest Grr!!! ( tis only this website affected Doh!!)

  • Nestcam OK again now Kate ... snuggled up to our 'cat'

    Served up on a tray

  • Thanks Wendy

    snuggled up to our 'cat'

    Served up on a tray

    Chol :):):)...................

    Saw this beauty elsewhere, thought it was just beautiful........................

    Copyright below..

    Incredibly lucky to come across an obliging Barn Owl on the verge of a Norfolk lane this afternoon whilst driving around looking for hares.
  • Just beautiful!  Makes us realise just how much detail is lost on our live streaming!

    Our beauty is in box for a snooze

  • 22:07 First sighting this evening. Had left a minute later.

    23:30 Nothing more to report. Goodnight ladies :)

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • Wonder what these two are up to?

  • Morning all

    Is the other hiding?

    and 07;36 in for the day?

    10.45. Patiently waiting....

    Testing all sides of the Barn 14.52

    and 16;42