Cornish Barn Owls 2017


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Cornish Barn Owls 2017

  • 20:56 It had disappeared

    21:10 Just visible behind the box, may have been hiding

    21:16 Headlights on, flew to front beam left of the box before leaving the barn.

    00:00 No more activity seen. Goodnight ladies :)

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  • Morning ladies

    7:22 One was on the tray, now behind the box


    7:33 Mrs CBO into the box

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • Morning Sandra

    and then as you say, went in box.

  • Morning Kate :)

    She's liking that position in the box.

  • Little snippet for you

  • 16.50 was on back beam


    flew to front beam, very inquisitive.

    after a good look around with much head watching goings on, flew out of Barn

  • Thank you, Wendy :)

    16:55 Mrs CBO on the back beam

    16:59 Moved to the front beam and them flew away

    Copyright BOT/WLTV

  • SunnyKate2

    16.50 was on back beam

    after a good look around with much head watching goings on, flew out of Barn

    Hi Kate,

    Sorry, I didn't see your scaps before posting mine

  • Was all excited for a minute just now as I had sound on both cams on laptop ... it was coming from Derby Peregrines!!! Boohoo

  • Oh dear, Wendy!

    All quiet in the barn this evening

  • Better late than never - this is last night's performance from some time after midnight, but I didn't find anyone until after 0400.  Also, I couldn't find the emergence from behind the box.

    This is SO fuzzy!  Don't know if it will improve after it's been settled in on YouTube.


  • Strange that she wasn't seen flying away from behind the box. Many thanks Scylla.

    Very quiet and nothing to report. Goodnight ladies :)

  • 10:05 EN and EB

  • 20:35 Still EN and EB

    23:35 Not a sound or movement all evening, I hope they're ok.

  • Morning all

    8:25 EN and EB