Cornish Barn Owls 2018 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!


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Cornish Barn Owls 2018 (C) Barn Owl Trust & Wildlife TV ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

  • one in box one on back beam

  • after preening for ages she decided to walk then stopped. CHOL:):) not sure where other one is.......

    now on middle beam


    can just see it still on middle beam Box E/N

  • 20:15 Still on the middle beam.


    20:56 Male I think




    21:50 Male behind the box

    21:51 Female moved to the ledge behind the back beam and then under

    21:54 Male out

    22:01 This could be the female, if so, she left the barn at 22:03

    23:5 EN/EB Goodnight

  • Morning Sandra

  • Good morning Kate :)

    7:25 Female entered the box from the tray

    7:37 Male came in, some soft trilling sounds from him. Female was rasping in short bursts. He's had that loose feather for a couple of days now

  • Here they are @ 14..36

  • 20:10 Just one on the middle beam on view in the barn. ENS

    21:31 Moved to the front beam

    21:41 The other appeared on the back beam

    21:52 Onto the tray

    21:55 The one on the tray left the barn

    22:09 The other one flew out

    22:41 One back in on the back beam

    22:51 And out

    23:20 EN/EB Goodnight

  • Morning Sandra

    He is box wth his feather sticking out , she is on tray.

    07.10   She has joined him,he does not move, she is initiating all the preening Doh!


    Whilst wondering why our Male is not inclined to fully interact at moment, I went in search and read this.

    Most owls reach sexual maturity and are ready to reproduce about a year after they hatch. Some larger species, however, may not begin breeding until their second or third year.

    Could the reason be that it is still too young????and he is just starting a bonding? or is he waiting for Spring? or has he  low testerone (Ha!)


  • Morning Kate :)

    Or he just wants a quiet life! lol

  • Chol:):) wel no quiet life at the moment, she is, eating him CHOL:):)

  • Thanks, All, for pics and posts.

  • One in box not sure if other is behind middle beam just out of view.

  • Earlier she was on middle of back beam but I forgot to get a pic!!

  • This is recent box bird now out on front beam


    Both in Barn

  • 20:30


    21:36 The female, from behind the diagonal, flew to join him on the back beam. She's slightly obscured at the moment.


    21:54 She came to the tray

    21:56 Left the barn

    21:59 Back in

    22:00 She left the barn, he followed at 22:01

    23:30 EN/EB Goodnight