(C) Derby Cathedral Peregrines 2018 ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!


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(C) Derby Cathedral Peregrines 2018 ... all pics/vids posted with their kind permission!

  • Interesting scap.... thought this was Mrs on Scrape but as he flew off and returned to mate with the one below, obviously noy.

    Blurry full screen

  • Great capture Kate ... really getting their act together ... lovely kissing here

  • Mrs DP been on scrape for some hours now ... maybe a surprise for you in morning Kate?

    Just gone to sleep

    Awake again now @ 00.55 ........................................I must go to bed!

  • Doh! down on the ledge  sticking to norm , making us wait till after 25th...

    later, he came back no mating

  • Mr on Scrape Mrs below.. He then flies she gets ready for him to return for a mate...

  • Good stuff for the record Kate, at least we are assured of fertile eggs ..... when they arrive!!

  • Tea Time, quickly taken and flown both left scrape.

  • That's great Kate, missed all that watching Exeter & Bournemouth, both about to produce methinks so probably Derby will join in ... getting hectic!

  • Mister visits the scrape ...


  • Shall we get excited??

  • WendyBartter
    Shall we get excited??

    Nope!!!!! CHOL:):) My guess is Easter Egg   Sat /Sunday (That should egg her on CHOL:):)

  • OK maybe this time CHOL:):)

  • Or maybe all the subsequent timees the Mrs has been hugging the scrape since then ??

    But it seems possible for tonight given that she is sticking it out in such abysmal weather ...

  • At last, my guess almost correct CHOL:):)

    Earlier they were having a tete a tete

  • Well predicted Kate, great news, great s/caps ... bit more footage from terrible rainy night 

    Lasted until 03.00 watching but couldn't stay awake for the event!