Exeter Peregrines 2018 (C )St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham


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Exeter Peregrines 2018 (C )St Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham

  • Not enjoying view from cam today ...

    Hopefully RB back soon & can work the magic!

  • Good to have cam back ... got this capture @ 23.45

    Looks like confirmation of just three eggs this year!

  • Change over

  • Great captures Kate ... your turn on the laptop? Lol

  • Still looking content but no lift to see the Eggs..

  • Just left the Eggs for a perusal....

  • Change over after much squawking, then a lovely little chirrup to the eggs as settled down Awh!!!

  • Another very noisy changeover (be thankful sound on mute)

  • LPP tweeted first chick for Merton Peregrines this morning!

  • The Merton littl'un being fed @ 18.45


  • I'm on phone so can't see it Wendy but glad you caught the feed; will look at it tomorrow.

    Going to start recording sheffield from Friday just in case they are early.

  • Just watched vid on full screen in YT & see a second chick behind remaining egg ... rough ol' bit of footage with cam being blown by strong wind & pic constantly breaking up!

  • He really did not want to go but she literally tried booting him off.CHOL:):)

  • Just stopped looking and turning Doh! think maybe tonight ?

    Dad knows but Mum says gerroff!!!!!!

  • Thanks for letting me know Kate, you're a great scout! Lol

    Vid needs editing ...