Lorton Meadows Kestrels & Barn Owls 2018 (C) Dorset Wildlife Trust


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Lorton Meadows Kestrels & Barn Owls 2018 (C) Dorset Wildlife Trust

  • Is this third emerging ?

    definitely shells

  • Thanks Kate for great captures ... being reported on blog that chick still half in the shell!

  • Seems to have been a successful hatch, this is all I could scap, two voles at front of box.

    EDIT 07;02 clearer view, she is keeping them well covered this year

  • Thanks Kate, just been reading on blog that food is coming in quite regularly!

  • There is plenty of Food.

  • Little bundles of fluff, gorgeous.

  • Feed time littlest gets its share

  • Mr, raiding the larder, and ensuring Mrs cant stop him CHOL:):)

  • Is there a Fourth Hatch?

    EDIT.........Someone else noted and commenting on chat?17.28

  • It would appear we have four,   missed capture of gllimpse of three eggs after feed.

    06'58 Mr keeps trying to pinch the Prey Mrs very possessive and hissing at him CHOL:):)

  • Three Eggs but cannot count heads CHOL:):)

  • Looks like four bodies to me Kate!

  • Looks like Fifth arrived over night.Mr back in and Mrs feeding with her back to cam Doh!!

  • Problems with cam today, but hopefully sorted, cannot get clear scap, but saw broken egg shell, before this scap and out to the right, so have we six?

    annoyed at a fly buzzing her..

    just scapped this

  • Moved down too far for a clear head count Kate but saw these two monsters & unhatched egg