Rochdale Peregrines 2018 (C) Rochdale Council


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Rochdale Peregrines 2018 (C) Rochdale Council

  • Lovely feeding session

  • Catching up with these three healthy chicks, ever hungry & dwarfing the parent!

  • Very hot, not hungry, just interested in getting out of that nest

  • Very nice Wendy, my sister rang me earlier and said it was very hot shame its still a bit misty here so we have not been out only to test my Gopro on a stick I just made for it :)

  • Just having a check of these lovelies...

     They certainly feeding themselves well, and lots of wingercising, so scary days ahead.

  • I do love you Awh!

  • Has one taken a leap of faith?

  • Three still there having a good preen

  • Yep! definitely on e fledging , just caught flapping on the ledge below nest box , then back up , was certainly OK

    not very clear sorry...

  • Well caught Kate, glad to see it able to get back to nest again ... they were all snugged up just after midnight (fell asleep before I could post it)

  • and looking as though more today, this one saying" is it really okto go"

  • Only Two on nest.

    but looking very near to fledge

    "shall we go join "

    well I might...

    no other side may be better


    Yay!!! she did it after the other came back undermneath

    It's OK I really am coming down...

  • Last one is only mildly curious it seems Kate

  • Great glad you caught that Wendy and then he came back up as we posted CHOL:):)

  • Second one jumped down again literally seconds before recording started